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July 2012
Brahmi The Healing Herb!
Prarthna Tiga
Herbal healing is one of the most ancient forms of holistic healing. The latest Aurvedic herb that is finding its wave in beauty and health care is none other than Bacopa. Known by different names such as Brahmi or Water Hyssop, this creeping herb with white and pink flowers grows wild across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China and Florida.

Best-known for its memory boosting and mood stabilizing capacities, the Bacopa or Brahmi is being extensively used in beauty treatments of the hair, body and skin because of its potent antioxidant properties.

Many centuries ago, the Bacopa herb was used as a tonic for the heart and the nervous system. The main credit for it being an ideal herb for increasing brain function goes to bacopasides, chemical compounds responsible for repairing damaged neurons in the brain.

Uses Of Brahmi
  • To improve memory
  • As a nerve and cardio tonic; helps in Alzheimer’s disease
  • As a diuretic, to help solve urinary problems
  • As an adaptogenic (to adapt and adjust to a new place); helps relieve anxiety
  • Increases cognitive ability; helps in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Works as an antioxidant to purify the body of harmful toxins and impurities
Brahmi For Skin And Hair
  • It strengthens hair roots and helps in treating dandruff.
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  • Juice extracted from the plant is used for treating epilepsy.
  • Brahmi oil, infused with sesame or coconut oil, has useful benefits for the hair. When massaged deep into the scalp, it helps promote healthy and strong hair, thereby preventing hair damage such as split ends and hair discolouration.
  • It works as a cooling agent. Massage the head with Brahmi oil and it will surely give you a restful night’s sleep.
  • Regular use of Brahmi oil helps increase concentration, improve retention and memory.
  • A paste prepared from its leaves works as an antibacterial cure for
    treating Syphilitic sores.
  • Brahmi oil, used in a warm bath, helps in treating dry and damaged skin.
  • Powdered organic Brahmi, added to cream cleansers, works effectively as an effective exfoliant.
Ayurvedic Recipes
Insomnia:Powdered mixture prepared from equal quantities of brahmi, vacha and amalaki; one teaspoon to be taken thrice daily. Mixture can be dissolved in water or milk.

Brahmi vati:Powdered mixture of brahmi with muskroot and rauwolfia. Increases mental capacity and reduces stress and anxiety.

Brahmi ghrita:Brahmi is boiled along with pure ghee (from cow’s milk) along with some herbs; one teaspoon to be taken twice daily on empty stomach and orally for treating amnesia.


Too much of anything is bad! Brahmi should also be used in moderation. Since not much is known about its use during pregnancy and breast-feeding, its better avoided during this period.
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