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April 2012
Think You can Create That Pout? Yes, You Can!
Shahnaz Husain
Fuller lips are the desire of every woman! From cosmetic surgery and collagen injections to lipsticks, there are various ways to achieve that pout..

Surgical Techniques
  • Lip implant surgery offers a more permanent solution.
  • Dermatologists and plastic surgeons also use injections to plump up the lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers or bovine extracted collagen are injected for lip augmentation.
However, I always feel that surgical and invasive procedures should be adopted with some amount of caution.
More About Lip Plumpers
  • The skin of the lips is thin and delicate. That is why certain ingredients can irritate the lips and make them swell slightly. For example, ingredients like camphor and menthol are used in lip plumpers because they cause some swelling of the lips.
  • Essential oils such as cinnamon and ginger are also used to make the lips look fuller. If applied on the lips, they irritate the skin mildly and cause blood to rush to the lips. This causes the lips to swell up making them appear fuller. Look for lip balms or lip creams containing such essential oils. The effects of such products are temporary. They need to be reapplied in order to maintain the pout.
  • Lip plumping lipsticks have a temporary effect. These are products that cause the lips to swell and look fuller.

Make-up For Fuller Lips
Personally, I feel one can take the help of make-up to make the lips look fuller and also acquire a pout. To give the illusion of a pout, apply lipstick all over the lips, leaving out the centre. Then, apply a lighter coloured lip-gloss on the centre.
Follow These Tips
  • First apply foundation that is one shade lighter than your normal skin colour.
  • Apply a light touch of powder to ‘set’ the foundation. Wait for a few minutes.
  • Then outline the lips just outside your normal lip line. Use the same colour lip pencil as the colour of your lipstick.
  • Then apply light coloured glossy lipstick on the lips using a lip brush.
  • Avoid matte lipsticks and use glossy ones to make the lips look fuller.
Shahnaz Husain is Prominent Indian woman entrepreneur best known for her herbal cosmetics New Delhi
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