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July 2009
Monsoon Fashion
If monsoons are the time to cut loose and soak up the first shower, they are also time to look stylish and trendy, say designers. For all its unpredictability, the fashion industry can be relied upon to translate the moment into merchandise. Every change of season is usually greeted with new collections. However, traditionally, designers unfolded their creations every winter and summer only. But now, with the arrival of monsoons, fashion is breaking all rules.

Designers are making sure the wet season is not a dampener and that the cloudy weather should never cloud your sense of dress. If monsoons are the time to cut loose and get wet in the first shower, they are also the time to look stylish and trendy, say designers. Go ahead and enjoy the showers, but don't forget to complement the fun weather with your hip sense of fashion.
Designer Monsoon
Setting the mood for new trends, designer Anupma Dayal says you can look your best during monsoons. "Monsoon is the time for fabrics like georgettes, chiffons and crepes in shades of emerald greens and sky blues." Short dresses in water-proof fabric can be a show-stopper. "White too is my favourite. It is a translucent fabric and can look divine during rains," she says.

Reynu Taandon another prominent Delhi designer agrees that georgettes and chiffons are the fabrics for the season, but her choice of monsoon colours are yellows and earth hues, which she feels look the classiest during monsoons as they light up the mood. "However, multi-hued short dresses look particularly chic in the rains," says the designer.

Anushka follows a bold approach when it comes to colours. For her, the classy colours for men are burgundy, bottle green, slate grey, gold, copper and a rich shade of brown as in old furniture. Her fabrics range from organza, silks, chiffons and shiny lycra. But, she says, "In terms of shapes, proportions and accessories it seems to be an anything goes season."
Short & Sweet
Most designers say that it is best to keep things short and sweet during monsoons. Full sleeves, flowing dresses and floppy trousers are clearly not for the rains. One good shower can make you look like you have just rolled out of a washing machine.

To look smart and sassy, stick to shortsleeved shirts and jackets. Or you could also roll up the sleeves. If you wear skirts, keep them knee-length or shorter to look stylish and ready for the rains. Jeans too can be given a fold at the ankles to make a style statement. The make-up too should be minimal so that it doesn't trickle down like the rain. But remember, it should be in synch with the clothes you are wearing.
Umbrellas & Rain Trenchcoats
Many designers are laying extra emphasis on accessories like neon coloured umbrellas and rain trenchcoats under which you can wear trendy colourful clothes like short skirts, capris, dungarees or even Bermudas. Choose colourful umbrellas that display the spirit of the season and are an eye-catching accessory. Raincoats too should be chosen for their quality, colour and fabric and they should preferably come with a smart belt which would complement your figure.

There is a huge market for designer umbrellas and raincoats and other accessories in monsoons.
High Boots & Flat Chappals
High boots that match your raincoat or umbrella will make you stand out and can be an instant head-turner. However, if you feel that high boots are overdoing things a bit, you can always go for matching rain-proof shoes, flat rubber chappals or strappy sandals. You can also get great transparent footwear that will add an extra zing to your personality. "Even flip-flops or flat chappals with strings and closed shoes with colourful laces look fabulous in the season," says Reynu Taandon.
Accessorising The Rains
Rains are also the time for accessories like beaded necklaces, bangles and bracelets in bright colours. One can even flaunt a bold scarf. In fact, this season Anupama has designed a scarf collection in a myriad of colours.

Anushka's accessories make a statement all their own. She uses hand-painted silk and velvet flowers as earrings, necklaces and headgears.
Fashion Blunders
Designers warn that if one is not careful, rains can also be a season of fashion blunders. One should abstain from using linen and other easily crushable fabrics like cotton and polyester. They can look quite messy if they get wet/ moist during a shower. Leather shoes and leather handbags too are a fashion mistake as they do not gel with the wet season.

Most designers say that monsoon fashions should be 'fuss free'and focus on quality and wearability. Clothes should echo the mood of the season which is essentially romantic and fun-filled. Thus the elements of joie `d' vivre and funk in the way you dress should be very much in evidence in the rainy seasons.
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