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Cory Walia: Tips to Razzle and Dazzle This Pooja Season

Chitra Sanam with Cory Walia

You see her everywhere this season. Walk into a place of worship, and it's common to hear priests chanting a mantra in her devotion. At festive gatherings, many break into a dance to appease her. Step into an artist's studio, and he may just be painting his masterpiece, having found his inspiration in her.
Speak to ace makeup stylist Cory Wallia, and he says in her praise, "This time is dedicated to the goddesses, but the Devi lives inside every woman too.

Why not celebrate her by externalizing her in your look? And hasn't it been our age old tradition, and an integral part of our culture, to celebrate feminine beauty?" Without further ado, here are some feisty cues from the expert that Bollywood swears by. Betcha, they're bound to awaken the goddess in you!


The day look

While using your compact or foundation, it should be virtually indistinguishable. Get a shade that's identical to the skin tone. Apply it evenly; don't make it a thick layer. "In yellow light and candle light, you can get away with flaws, but ultra violet rays in daylight and neon lights highlight mistakes, so take care. No one should say what lovely foundation you have!" says Walia.<
  • Experiment with tinted moisturizers and sunscreens that are now available.
  • The rage this season are matte eye shadows. Add on a thin line of metallic liquid eyeliner only for the top lid. You could use matching or contrasting colours, but proportion is important. Optional, use eye pencil or kajal for the lower lid in copper, bronze, deep browns, blacks etc.
  • Concentrate on curling your eyelashes with a curler. Beautifully curled lashes are in. Use defining mascara, and make sure it's not lumpy or clumsily done.
  • Go for creamy, matte lipsticks. Don't let your lips look dehydrated. Give them a supple look. Steer away from the overtly glossy look.
  • Choose colours that match your skin tone and pick up hues from your dress colours.
  • Use a soft blush if you're wearing warm shades such as creams, deep rusts, browns, apricots and oranges. The same blush can double up as eye shadow.
What's very important is to have natural, beautiful hair.
  • Have it well cut and styled. Even if you curl or crunch your hair, that's fine.
  • With beautiful hair, makeup can be minimal or optional.
  • Your hair should look healthy, shampooed, and not have the elaborately set look.
  • You can never go wrong with elegantly done hair.