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June 2011
Dealing with Open Pores and Heat Stroke
Anju Poddar
Summertime troubles include two common things:open pores in skin heatstrokes.
However,both these problems can be solved by simple home remedies.Just a little mixture here,or a short drink there-all made at the comforts of home,can cure those pores and strokes.

Open Pores
Come summer, open pores become the bane for many of us. Heat, sweat and the grime of pollution clog the pores of our skin.

To take care of enlarged or open pores, the following natural remedies can be used at home:
  • Mix lemon and orange juices together and apply all over your face in upward and outward strokes. Wash your face after ten minutes.
  • Slice a tomato and rub it on the skin to help minimise open pores.
  • A mask of fuller's earth (Multani Mitti) and rose water can be applied on open pores.
  • Sandalwood paste also helps in minimising the problem.
  • Vodka makes a good pore-lightening astringent.
  • A mask of egg-white on the face helps tighten skin pores.
  • A light pack of three teaspoons of cucumber juice with two teaspoons of curd can also help.
  • Create an almond pack, with two almonds, three pinches of besan (bengal gram flour) and half teaspoon of milk and apply on your face.
  • Apply honey and lemon paste. You can make the paste by adding twenty to twenty five drops of fresh lemon juice to half a teaspoon of honey.
After the age of 40, it is necessary that you apply these packs on a daily basis. Apply the pack from the throat, with an upward movement covering your chin and forehead, avoiding the eyes and eyelids. About fifteen minutes after you apply the pack (by that time it would have dried),splash your face with cold water and then apply some moisturiser. If you apply the pack at night, you can use a few drops of almond oil mixed in little water as the moisturiser.

Heat Stroke
Heat stroke can be avoided by drinking lots of water and liquids throughout the day, especially when stepping out into the sun. Here are some more suggestions:
  • Nimbu pani and coconut water are two of the best drinks.
  • Watermelon juice can replace fluids lost due to perspiration.
  • ‘Panna’ prepared from raw mangoes is excellent to combat heat stroke. Panna can be made an even more effective drink by adding black salt and mint.
  • Avoid standing in the direct heat of the sun for too long. Use protection like a wide-rimmed hat or an umbrella when out in the sun.
  • In case of heat stroke, put an ice pack on the forehead.
  • Drink a glass of mint juice before going outdoors.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes that allow your skin to breathe.
  • Apply coconut oil on your head, as it has a cooling effect.
  • Consume small quantities of buttermilk and water at regular intervals.

Anju Poddar is a succecful home maker fascinated by Hindu traditions and festivals. She has authored four well received books, the latest being Meals, Menus & More
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