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Fashion Funda for the Corporate Woman

Nidarshana Saikia with Namami Nath


Check your haves
& have-nots

Once in a blue-moon dig into your wardrobe to save yourself the usual, feminine “Gosh I’m left with nothing new to wear” stupor every other morning. Maybe you have a nice cream jacket that just needs a dry-clean, or a pair of shoes that just needs a coat of polish to look new again.


Choose basic shades

Three shirts in basic, mellow shades combined with two pairs of trousers will give you six combinations. Blacks, navy blues, gray’s, creams, whites are shades that gel with each other and never really stand out so that you can actually repeat them many times without making it too obvious.

Swear by basics

You can’t go wrong with a white fitted shirt (preferably with spandex) worn with a straight knee length skirt or a black flat front trouser. Team it with a fitted blazer in black or grey and you’re the chic around.

Care for your hair

Save both unkempt and gelled look for someplace else – a neatly done hairdo is evergreen at work. Extreme dye jobs also are also passé.

Step out in style

Black shoes are a must as one pair goes with everything. A second pair can be a colour that will go with most of your wardrobe if not all. For instance, for a wardrobe dominant in earthy tones a pair of tan or dark brown shoes should be good. Avoiding heels over two inches –comfort is important.

Hygiene is a must

Polished and manicured nails, shining teeth
, pleasant smell, clean and ironed clothes, cumulatively create a positive impact – even cover up for lack of a great sense of dressing.

Stand out

Do not copy. Createyour own style statement with a tasteful pick of jewellery, hand-bags, belts, watches and perfumes to go with your outfit. You need not necessarily accessorise every inch of your body – it is office, remember?


These do help

Remember “you are what you choose to market yourself as”. A little, but substantial brainstorm on your office-do can make a huge difference. Being your office’s style icon is a personal choice, but if you dress right, you definitely can alter the way people think about you.


Namami Nath is a Design Specialist for Wills Lifestyle.