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August 2011
Frizz Control
Rod Anker
Well, a lot of you have experienced taking time out to get a blow dry for a special occasion or an event, only to be left feeling terrible once you reach there to have your hair looking frizzy. Don’t stress yourself! This can be avoided with some easy steps. If by chance it does go out of control, make sure you carry an accessory to put your hair up in the washroom and come out feeling confident and ready to continue your fun!

There are several things that can be done to assist in preventing this happening and making sure you look your very best for the event.

The All Important Steps
  • When shampooing, always make sure you use a conditioner. This will close the cuticles and keep the hair protected from outside moisture or dehydration.
  • If you are getting your blow dry done the day before, sleep on a satin pillowcase. This reduces the static friction on the hair and ensures the hair is left in shape for longer.
  • When you are getting a blow dry, it is important that the moisture is removed from the hair. Otherwise you will have already exposed your hair to moisture and your hair will be prone to be frizz.
  • A lot of people dry their hair too much and it can be as harmful to a look as leaving it half wet, apart from dehydrating the hair. By drying it too much, the cuticle of your hair opens up.Given the slightest amount of moisture in the air, your hair will go crazy!
  • Product… I hear you saying... what product can I apply in my hair to help? Well, leave in some serum to assist in closing the cuticles, and then a blow-dry cream or lotion that assists in smoothing your hair. There are several in the market you can go for. It is best to ask your stylist as everyone has a preference for one particular product they use. There are also products you can spray on the hair after the blow drying is over like KMS Anti-humidity Spray which repels moisture, leaving your hair free from frizz for the night.
  • A light hairspray after you have finished the blow dry will add a light film over the hair and reduce moisture absorbing as well.
Like with everything else, sometimes we need to plan ahead rather than thinking of our hair one hour before the special event starts. If there is rain in the air and your hair is curly, then why not go for a more natural look and work with your curls rather than working against them? In case you want to wear it straight, why not trying putting it up in a knot?

Rod Anker is Celebrity Hairstylist New Delhi
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