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July 2011
Dr. S.K Sharma
The world looks beautiful from behind a sparkling smile and so does the smiling face… Mouth, an important focal point of the face is definitely worth a dental investment. That sparkling smile, worth a thousand words, is now possible with cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The latest in the field of dentistry can correct the irregular, stained or the discoloured teeth, too small, too wide or too long teeth, gap between teeth, discoloured filling, etc.

Though the significance of oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating the oral disease cannot be ruled out, the cosmetic dentistry is instrumental for theperfect smile unveiling the perfect teeth. Dental fillings using gold etc, which earlier left dark spots on the teeth, have now entered an arena of cosmetic dentistry. These days, the fillings made of porcelain or composite materials are made to match the colour of your original teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Bleaching or Whitening:
Used in case of the teeth stained owing to smoking, food, nicotine containing beverages like coffee or tea and poor oral hygiene.

Inlays or Onlays: These long lasting indirect fillings for treating decayed or damaged teeth are made of porcelain or composite materials.

Dental Veneersor the Laminates: Again these are composite resin or porcelain laminates, which are adhesively attached to the surface of a tooth in case of chipping or discolouration.

Composite Resin Bonding or Tooth coloured filling material: A composite resin material similar to the dental enamel and dentin in looks, is applied into the dental cavity or the surface and then contoured to the natural crust dimensions of the tooth. Used for repairing the chipped, discoloured or decayed teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements that are used as a part of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry in case of a tooth loss. Also results in a more youthful look.

Smile Makeover: Mechanics of smile aesthetics involving critical judgment on the dentist’s part is the key to Smile Makeovers. Invariably, more than one cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, dental implants or teeth whitening, will be required for the desired results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: This involves correction of the flawed bone, muscles, jaw or teeth structure coming in the way of a sparkling confident smile.

Oral Hygiene Routine
  • Always brush twice daily and preferably after meals i.e. after breakfast and dinner.
  • Always use soft or super-soft toothbrush having 3 to 4 rows of tufts, with medium sized head, and having a straight handle.
  • Dental floss should be used after dinner. It is a nylon thread used to clean in between the teeth. Toothpicks can damage gums and thus should be avoided.
  • In case of spacing between the teeth, Inter-dental brush should be used.
  • Brushing without toothpaste can serve the purpose if drinking water has Flouride content of more than 1 ppm. In such a case, any toothpaste without flouride can also be used. If drinking water content is normal, then any toothpaste with flouride can be used.
  • Indigenous Tooth Powders or manjan should be avoided, as the coarse particle size of the manjan harms the teeth.
  • Keep changing your toothpaste. Using the same formula toothpaste makes the bacteria present in the teeth resistant to that particular toothpaste.
Dr. S.K Sharma Medical Officer (Dental) Guru Nanak Dev Hospital Govt. Medical College, Amritsar