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October 2010
Sexy Legs
Jyoti Singh
In the Indian culture, to look attractive, importance is given to the beautification of our face, hands and feet. We apply surma, bindi, kaajal etc. Our hands and feet are decorated with mehandi motifs.

In short, after clothing, all the areas visible to the human eye are accessorized and emphasized to hold one’s attention. But with the westernization of our culture, skirts, shorts, minis and hot pants are a rage amongst the young and to look good in them, you need to take care of your whole legs and not just the foot.

The sexy look has a lot to do with the shape and muscle tone of the entire leg, even if it is covered with a pair of slacks or a churidar. So here are a few sure-shot methods to turn your legs into looking sexilicious!

If you prefer yoga, Moordasana, Utkatasana, Vrikshasana and Veerbhadrasana are a must for the legs. These yogic exercises shape, tone and strengthen the legs and lower body. The increased blood circulation and respiration rate, help in removing toxins and improves flexibility and fitness of the leg muscles.

Gym: If you prefer the gym, try to shed your body fat by doing cardio exercises. Overall fat loss is the initial step in helping you get into a better shape, which includes your legs too – after all, it is more than one third of you! Ask your trainer for advice on squats, lunge and step-ups.

Walk: Include walking in your regular regime. The best part of walking is that it can be started at any age. Believe me, consistency in walking day after day, shows results. Cycling and Swimming do wonders for your legs too!

Sports: Sports that include running, moving around, do wonders, even if it is Golf. Try tennis, swimming or badminton.

Diet & Lifestyle

If you are smoking regularly, it is high time to quit. If you try and pinch the cheeks of an ardent smoker, you will find that they are too soft. Well that is what smoking does to the elasticity of the skin, with all its toxins and harmful chemicals. If the face has this effect, your legs do too. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which reduce blood supply and nutrients to reach the skin, and all your efforts of a good and balanced diet go down the drain!

Sodium intake: We all know that high salt intake promotes water retention in our body. Stop that extra shake of table salt and avoid pickles. High salt diet may result in puffy sausage shaped legs.

High Heels:
The killer high heels admired by all, are not so good for the legs. Studies have proven, that those who wore heels regularly, had to walk on their toes most of the time. This resulted in shorter length of fibres in their calf muscles, up to 13 percent more than those who sported flat footwear. The shortening of calf muscle fibres results in pain when wearing flat-heeled shoes. Now don’t be disheartened, it is for those hard core high heel fanatics. The idea is to vary the size of the heels. Alternate it with 2 inches, 4 inches, flats and 6 inches frequently, to avoid problems.

Sexy legs cannot be complete without a well groomed foot. Regular pedicure is a must and it is easy to do at home. Do not neglect the corns, calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, warts and skin growth. Show it to a podiatrist.
  • Remove the old nail polish with a mild remover
  • Soak feet in warm water with hydrogen peroxide and lime juice for 10 minutes
  • Cut and file toenails, straight
  • Clean and gently scrub the feet, using foot scrapper and pumice stone
  • Remove your feet from the basin and wipe dry
  • Massage the feet for five minutes, with a foot cream
  • Wipe the cream off your toenails and apply nail polish

Think you’re done? Well not so quick, top it all off with waxing. Do you think Prince Charming would slide that glass slipper on Cinderella’s feet if she had hairy legs? NO WAY! Prince to pauper - no one wants to see hairy legs on display. All these checked out, you are now ready to make heads turn with your best foot forward, or should I say leg!
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