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Care Options for Your Pearly Whites
Vijay Ghosh

The Dentist’s Chair

The dentist’s chair has long been associated with many negative connotations in popular culture, including movies and books.

Most of these negative associations are decades old when a visit to the dentist would actually entail a painful experience. Not so anymore. With the recent advancements in dental care, a visit to the dentist is not only a pain-free experience but also an essential part of your health routine.

Gone are the days when people visited dentists only when they had already reached a point where they could no longer endure the agony of an infected tooth. In the present day and age, dentists not only provide an essential healthcare service but also provide many cosmetic enhancements that can positively impact your life and self image.
Our teeth and gums are important indicators of overall health, and they should be lavished with as much care as we pay to the rest of our bodies. In fact, gum disease is one of the first indicators of a heart condition. Most people are taught how to brush their teeth by their parents, and for them that is the be all and end all of dental care. Many grow up and even ignore even this most basic activity and realize their mistake too late in life when their teeth are already damaged beyond redemption.
Yes, brushing your teeth twice a day is important, but there’s more to dental care than just a brush with some toothpaste on it. Let us look at some basic dental care that you can perform at home that will help you to maintain healthy teeth for the years to come.

The Mona Lisa Smile

These days, a lot of emphasis is placed on good looks. As anyone with crooked teeth will testify, a beautiful smile which flashes perfect, pearly white teeth is an essential part in being considered good looking. Bad teeth can mar the appearance of someone with even the most gorgeous facial features. Celebrities such as actors and models regularly undergo cosmetic dental care to improve on their good looks. Cosmetic dental care in India is still a relatively inexpensive option, so it makes sense to avail of these services in order to complement your beauty.
Flash those pearly whites
Most children have shiny white teeth. As we age, our teeth become darker, almost yellow in colour. This happens due to a number of reasons, including changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, staining due to food or tobacco consumption, or reaction with medication such as tetracycline. There are many options available to restore your teeth to a pristine pearly white colour.
Polishing: Tooth polishing is the simplest method of eliminating food stains. This procedure is absolutely painless and normally takes only fifteen minutes on the dentist’s chair.
Bleaching: While polishing can help to get rid of food stains, it will not restore yellowed teeth back to its pristine white colour. Bleaching is a simple process that can get rid of stains caused due to tetracycline, fluoride or tooth decay. The bleaching process essentially involves the application of a strong oxidizing agent. There are many do-it-yourself bleaching kits available in the market. For complete peace of mind, you can also avail of these services at your nearest dentist.
Bonding and Laminating: Severely stained teeth may not be able to regain their lustre through the process of bleaching alone. In such cases, bonding or laminating is a viable alternative. This cosmetic dental technique involves the attaching of a plastic, porcelain, or composite resin covering to the stained teeth by using a special bonding technique. Think of it as something like hair extensions for your hair. Once the laminate is attached, it is chemically sealed and indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
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