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Top 10 Budget Friendly Homecare Tips for Sparkling Teeth
Dr Palak Pandya

Dentistry is the known evolution, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorder and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body. Dentistry is widely considered necessary for complete oral health.

The history of dentistry runs a long way - as early as the Indus Valley civilization, as far back as 7000 BCE. This earliest form of dentistry involved curing tooth related disorders with bow drills operated, perhaps, by skilled head craftsmen. From then till today, dentistry has come a long way.

We understand that teeth play an important part of oral hygiene, and if our teeth are well maintained, our body would be in good shape. Here are a few points that are required for you to follow to enjoy flaunting a smiling face.

Top ten budget friendly ways to care for teeth at home

  1. Drink plenty of water - It’s a natural mouth wash that can help reduce stains.
  2. Eat a piece of cheese after dinner - Munch on some cheddar, it can help neutralize acids in your mouth.
  3. Chew sugar free gum - Chewing gum increase saliva production and helps to wash away plaque, acid and bathe teeth in needed minerals to strengthen tooth enamel.
  4. Wait to brush after acidic drinks - After drinking orange juice and soda pop, don’t rush for the toothbrush right away. Wait at least 20 minutes to reduce the chance of enamel wear.
  5. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide - A small amount of H2O2 mixed with water makes a great antibacterial and whitening rinse after brushing. Just don’t swallow!
  6. Soften your toothbrush - Sensitive teeth can find relief from rough bristles by running the toothbrush under hot water before brushing.
  7. Use of a straw - might feel awkward to drink coffee or red wine, but doing so can help minimize direct contact between your pearly whites and these staining liquids.
  8. Avoid sugars and starches - Both sugar and carbs can feed bacteria that cause problems.

Dr Palak Pandya
is a Dentist at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad.