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July 2012
Nitika Sharma
The first showers of monsoon are always a cause for cheer, bringing with it the much needed relief from the intense heat of summer. But, wet weather too, calls for precautions on what you consume as your daily diet. It is the time when humidity levels are high in the atmosphere and the capability of our digestive system is at its lowest. So it’s always better to eat light food or eat in moderate quantities..

Diet Check

  • Lots of water:Water-borne diseases are common during wet weather. Ensure that you consume filtered or boiled water only. Increase your water intake even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and beverages, as they cause indigestion.
  • Extra care with veggies and fruits:Vegetables and fruits keep you hydrated, but they carry the risk of infection during monsoon and hence should be washed properly before use. Avoid eating cut fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin C:Amla and citrus fruits contain lots of Vitamin C and are good immunity boosters. Steamed vegetables and warm soups are delightfully tasty immunity boosters too.
  • Battle microbes:Use plenty of ginger and onions in your food preparations, as they help to exterminate microbes in the stomach. A meagre amount of turmeric in your daily diet too will help to keep infections at bay. So also is buttermilk, which improves digestion.
  • Eating out:Packaged juices, though high in calories, may be the safer option in monsoon. Avoid greasy fried foods and fatty meals; they will make you feel sluggish. Drink warm beverages. Add mint or ginger or dry ginger powder to tea.
  • Light meat:If you are a nonvegetarian, you should go for lighter meat preparations like soups and stews, rather than heavy curries.
  • Fresh food only:Avoid stale food and try to cook in quantities sufficient for one meal only. Refrigerate the leftovers immediately, but don’t eat food straight out of the fridge. Refrigerated food must be heated gradually and thoroughly before eating.
Tips For Ailment-free Monsoon
  • Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. It flushes out accumulated toxins.
  • Freshly prepared radish juice is the best remedy for cold.
  • A pinch each of long pepper powder and rock salt, mixed in warm water, reduces cough.
Home Remedies For Digestive Disorders In Monsoon
Stomachache:Cook ½ cup rice with 4 cups of water with freshly ground ginger powder or crushed ginger and salt. Powder long pepper and fry it in a spoon of ghee, and add it to the gruel. Consume it hot.
It is very light to digest, and relieves colic pain.

Cook ½ cup rice with 4 cups of water, with ginger paste (½ tsp), jeera powder (½ tsp) and salt. Add ½ cup pomegranate juice and 1 tsp honey when the gruel is warm.
This gruel rehydrates the body and supplies energy. It soothes inflamed walls of the intestine, and controls bowel movements.

Cook ½ cup rice with 4 cups of water, haritaki (alum) powder and roots of pepper together. Add salt. Consume when warm.
It relieves flatulence, and regularises bowel movements.
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