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January 2012
5 Ways to Avoid Stress Eating
Prarthna Tiga
Sometimes, the strongest craving for food might happen when you’re at the peak of emotional stress. Stress eating can happen when you want
to re-motivate or perk yourself up, or when you just want to keep yourself preoccupied.

Just as healthy food transforms into energy; positive emotions and attitudes transform into flexibility and can help you adjust to new circumstances.

How to avoid stress eating
  • Do not dramatize the whole situation: Every problem has a solution, or at least if you can’t find a solution now, seek a friend to help you find one. The solution is not to binge on healthy food, but to try and overcome the problem.
  • Don’t get personal: Though times maybe difficult to deal with, understand that you can’t expect theworld or others to change. And bad things happen with everyone, not just you. So wake up and live life as it comes and not with a bowl of icecream.
  • Introspect: put some thought into the whole situation: Try looking at the bigger picture; for example, from an outsider’s perspective. Indulge in some analysis and not self-pity.
  • Shift focus: Shift focus from negative patterns to positive thought and action. Stress eating is both a symptom and an automatic response to stress. Good health means having to kick such habits. The easiest way to do it is to substitute it with a
    healthier habit.
  • Recharge: Stress eating is an emotional problem. The only way to curb it is to recharge yourself – find support – make new friends, get a massage, hang out with positive people and connect with old friends.

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