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September 2011
Liquid Diets
Anju Poddar
In today’s context and lifestyle, liquid diets not only help a lot by detoxifying your system, but are almost imperative to maintaining good health.

Naturopathists are of the opinion that if you follow a liquid diet once a week, not only will this help the digestive system to rest but also allow it to get rid of toxins accumulated over time. In all, it energizes you, helps in rectifying water retention problems as well as it contributes to weight loss leading to a general overall feeling of well being.

A sample of a liquid diet that I have seen working with people I know is as follows:

You can kick start your day at, lets say, 7 a.m. by taking a glass of water and then every one hour, you can consume some form of a liquid diet alternating it with a glass of water, the next hour. The options are in plenty ranging from tea, coffee, juice (fruit/vegetable), buttermilk, soup and finally a cup of milk at 10 p.m. if you are hungry.

A Reiki master once told me about several juices that enhance a person’s well being. For example carrot and celery juice, chaal kurunda/white pumpkin juice, pomegranate juice and sweet-lime juice. All these juices should be combined with 6—8 glasses of water taken at various intervals.

Most of us go through life without actually being aware of the physical harm done to our bodies during the course of our everyday routine in a world, full of pollution and stress. Often when the alarm bells begin to ring, the damage done is irreversible. A sensible diet goes a very long way in taking care of one’s health. It is a small price to pay to protect what we have. As a very famous saying goes, ‘take care of your body—where else will you live?’
Anju Poddar is a successful home maker fascinated by Hindu traditions and festivals. She has authored four well received books, the latest being Meals, Meals & More
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