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May 2009
Prevent Acidity
Dr Shikha Sharma
Heart burn acidity, gastric reflux all are very common problems which all of us face some time or the other. There are 2 solutions to the problem instant and long term (curing it from the root of the problem).

How it happens
Many reasons have been indicated for the acidity like presence of helicobacter pylorus, high hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach, functional problems with the stomach valve (which puts a lid on the contents when the food churns) to much fried food, and eating a big meal and sleeping are related to acidity
Instant solution 
Eat a chilled banana, drink bael juice, chilled curd (though in the long run dairy is linked to causing acidity in dairy allergic) chilled sabudana kheer. If nothing is available, drink lots of water. 

Long term solution
The permanent solution to this problem lies in treating the root cause of the problem. These few steps are sure to give relief :

  • Begin the day with ½ a cup of raw cabbage juice (ayurveda endorses it besides many western naturopaths) or white petha juice, they lower the acid content.
  • Drink a minimum of 3 glasses of water in the morning and follow up with a biscuit and a very light tea (with milk added later if required) and if you can avoid tea - all the better.
  • If you are not used to a breakfast, start with a fruit like banana/ papaya (Acidity gets worse with an empty stomach).
  • Acidity frequently is caused by dairy so give up dairy for a fortnight and see the effect.
  • Have rice instead of wheat for a week and see if the acidity comes down (if boiled rice is unattractive go for dosa, idli without sambhar, poha, rice noodles)
  • Avoid fried food for a week and instead, munch on rice and chana roasted together with a dash of oil and curry patta, salt to taste.
  • Avoid cauliflower, rajmah, and heavy dals as it brings up gas with acidity
  • Food should be as natural and unprocessed as packaging and over processing destroys nutrients and reduces fiber.

Dr. Shikha Sharma
is a renowned weight loss, diet and health expert.
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