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January 2010
Rice Rice... All the Way...
Sunita Pant Bansal
After the festive season, it is time again to look down and check our waist and weight! This time I would like to suggest some light rice dishes that are low on calories and high on taste. But before that, try some slim-down tips

  • If you gauge your diet success by the number on the scale, you'll only give yourself anxiety when you see it on the rise. If you really want to assess the damage, slip on your favourite pair of jeans. If you have difficulty sitting, know that you need to lay off the sweets and do a little diet check.
  • To banish the bloated feeling, increase your water intake. Choose foods full of water, like cucumbers and melon. Once you are debloated, you can enjoy cauliflower and beans, and other such fibre rich vegetables.
  • Swear off anything processed in favour of more natural fare. Keep the portion sizes small, go in for grilled/baked stuff; avoid salty, creamy (fatty) dishes.
  • It's easy to forget about the extra tummy flab if you've hidden yourself in oversized clothes. Instead, slip on a pair of slim pants and a slim top to remind yourself to whip your body into shape. Seeing your tummy protrude can be very discouraging while having that extra helping of the dessert!

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