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November 2011
5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cold
Anju Poddar

Changing weather and the prevalence of air pollution brings in lots of ailments. The most common among them are cold, cough, congestion of the nose and chest. According to an old saying, cold and cough takes its own time to get out of the system, in spite of taking medicines or not.

Five quick remedies for nose and chest congestion
Some tested remedies for relief from such frequent, but not very serious, ailments are listed below:
  • Put a pinch of haldi (turmeric) and 2–3 black peppercorns in a cup of milk. Bring it to boil. Cool a little and drink before going to sleep.
  • Take steam inhalation twice a day. While boiling the water, put a pinch of haldi, half a teaspoon ajwain, and 3-4 tulsi leaves. Inhale steam for 5–7 minutes.
  • Sip on from time to time on warm water.
  • Boil water. Add ginger to it. Cool a little and put some lemon juice and honey. Then drink.
  • Put half a teaspoon of ajwain in two cups of water. Boil till the water reduces to half. Let it cool and then drink it.
The above remedies are safe and all age groups can try them to get relief from congestion of the nose and chest.
Try these too!  
  • Burn betel leaf(paan) with a clove on gas flame. Mix honey with that ash and eat it.
  • Scoop out the onion at the head and fill it with sugar and leave it overnight. Drink the resulting syrup in the morning.
  • Boil tulsi, cardamom, sugar candy, saffron, anise (saunf), cinnamon and a piece of ginger in a cup of water. When it reduces to 1/4, sieve it and drink the syrup.
  • Mix ginger juice with honey and drink it at regular intervals.
  • Take water and put eucalyptus leaves or oil in that water in a steamer. Inhale the steam vapours.
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