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February 2011
Exercise Increases Sexual Prowess
Better Sex through Exercise? You Bet!
Dr Aparna Yadav
The manifold benefits of exercise include a healthy body as well as a healthy sex life. Eating the right kind of foods and doing plenty of muscle-strengthening exercise is the best prescription for a healthier sex life.
Adults who exercise regularly have increased levels of desire, as well as an enhanced ability to perform sexually, besides greater sexual satisfaction.

5 Sex Helps
There are multiple scientifically proven facts which highlight the importance of exercise in improving one’s sex drive.Some are listed below:
  1. Endurance exercise like swimming or cross-country skiing boosts your stamina.
  2. One can become more flexible through aerobic and gymnastic exercise.
  3. Exercise of any type can prevent you from cramping up during orgasm.
  4. Exercise causes the release of endorphins (hormone) into limbic and prefrontal areas of brain. This may also influence the build-up of hormones those power your libido. Endorphins also reduce stress, which is a major sex drive inhibitor.
  5. Exercise provides a psychological boost as well. Regular exercise leads to higher self esteem. As you become increasingly fit, you feel more confident, and are likely to enjoy sex more.
4 Sex Exercises
  1. Gynaecologists recommend Kegel’s Exercise this exercise to keep the pelvic floor strong during pregnancy. These muscles also increase the sensations of pleasure during sex. They are the same muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when you are using the bathroom. Practice tightening them whenever you think about it during the day, or whenever you are going to use the restroom for passing urine. Hold your urine for some time (don’t let it go) and then let it pass, and again - in between - hold it and then pass.
  2. Tantra yoga is connected to enhancement and practice. It establishes the required physiological changes to boost secretion of sex hormones. It is said to increase sensitivity by stimulating the blood flow particularly in the genitals. Yoga positions also condition your body’s torso and pelvic muscles. This gives you stronger orgasm due to stronger contractions your muscles generate.
  3. The camel, the upward facing dog and the butterfly are the good beginning yoga positions for you to try if you want to boost your sex drive. You may also get some benefit from trying the bound angel pose and the wide straddle forward bend.
  4. Practising breathing techniques is particularly useful in improving sexual potency.
Staying fit work wonders for so many parts of the body. With as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day, you will burn calories, build muscles and feel more confident, more vivacious for Valentine’s Day and everyday thereafter.

Dr.Aparna Yadav is Lifestyle Counselor,at Apollo Life,New Delhi.