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November 2011
Make your workouts winter-ready!
Subodh Samuel
Winter’s here and so is the chill! This is the time to pound the jogging track at a local park or hit the gym where you can huff and puff on a treadmill or burn the calories on a cross-trainer. But wait! Have you made your workouts winter proof?

Precautions to take

Cover up and workout
A safe winter workout requires a complete ‘cover up’ job. Protect your whole body with warm clothes, especially if you are working out in the open. It would be best to dress in layers; remove a layer or two but not all when the body begins to generate heat as a result of exercise. Wear the woollens again once you finish working out.

Appropriate body gear
A warm woollen track suit is quite appropriate during winters. However, if you live in very cold regions, it would be advisable to wear thermal inners that will absorb sweat. Avoid cheap inners that stick to the body while working out.

Winter accessories
If you are working out in a park or any other open space, wear proper headgear as a lot of body heat can be lost through the head leaving you in danger of catching a chill. If you are in the habit of working out early mornings when it is relatively dark, be sure to wear bright clothes and shoes that glow in the dark. You can also wear wrist reflectors for added protection. If you are cycling then make sure your bike has proper lights and reflectors.  

Choose shoes wisely
Exercise shoes during winters can and should be different from what you wear to the gym in summers. That’s because winters mean woollen socks which are thicker and would make the shoes tighter. You would have to buy shoes half or one size bigger than the ones you use in the summers. If you are running outdoors remember to buy a pair that is also waterproof.

Keep yourself hydrated
whether for a winter workout or summer, it is very essential to keep the body hydrated.However, we do not what to drink while on a workout.Ordinary water is a classic choice.However,ther are other options and varieties of flavours one can pick from for exercises.However, experts believe that this depends on your taste and the length and intensity of the workouts. Research has proven that a flavoured drink is usually required during and after exercise, to boost palatability and promote fluid replacement.
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