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December 2011
Dinaz Vervetwala
Feet go tapping, hips go swinging and the heart goes racing as one grooves to the dash of peppy beats and lyrics. This is a heady fusion when two hot ingredients, Bollywood and Aerobics come together.

Bollywood Aerobics refers to fitness workouts done with popular Indian movie musicals and remix numbers that are high on energy. A new form of exercise, it combines the latest moves from Bollywood cinema with an intense cardiovascular workout.

Fitness Benefits
  • Motivation – Different persons are motivated by different factors, so the genre of the music used in this case would be highly personalized. Regardless of the genre chosen, typically aerobics music should be one which starts gradually and builds eventually into a lively rhythm, tapering off close to the end of the workout in a cooling off session.
  • Achieves better purpose of a workout – Adding good music to your aerobics sessions may help you increase the intensity as well as the duration of workout. This happens because listening and moving along with the music can help keep your mind off the exercise itself.
  • Elevates mood – Instead of just doing reps because you have to, the entire workout will be far more enjoyable. Good music eliminates boredom, fatigue and even pain.
  • Full body workout - You not only get a solid cardio workout, but also a full-body muscular workout. Even the tiniest muscles of the fingers are being used.
  • Strengthens and tones - You’ll find that these moves to peppy and funky music will lengthen, strengthen, tone and shape your body!
  • Helps you express - A lot of energy is put into facial expressions, which are used in a complementary fashion with the body movements to express whatever emotion or idea the choreography means to convey.
  • Shed weight – An aerobic workout as this can help you lose 3–4 kg and 1–2 inches per month.
Almost all genres can be converted into aerobic music, but the music should keep you on your toes and moving at a fast pace. Once it satisfies these criteria, it will be effective. Bollywood music is the ideal genre in terms of its popularity, variety and connect.

Its universal appeal attracts everyone looking to lose weight, tone muscles, and build cardio-stamina. The concept of Bollywood Aerobics has taken India by storm and many studios such as the Dinaz’s Fitness Studio in Hyderabad uphold it.

: Aerobics is scientifically designed to allow for a warm-up, a fat-burning cardiovascular workout and a cool-down to prevent injury.
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