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Fit and Fab in 30 Days for Diabetics
Chaitanya Reddy
Diabetics require no special exercise program. What is good for everyone is good for diabetics too. However, there are two points that diabetics should remember. One, diabetic medication should not be taken immediately before or after the exercise. There should be a two hour gap. Two, diabetics must wear socks to prevent foot abrasions, and keep feet dry and clean.

Confine your food intake to 1500-1700 calories per day. The lower range is ideal for women and the higher range is apt for men

Foods to eat:
  1. Grain and cereal (preferable unmilled) 40%
  2. Vegetables and fruit (including uncooked) 35%
  3. Dairy products (skimmed milk, curd) 10%
  4. Vegetable protein (pulses, beans) 10% or non veg protein (chicken and fish) 10%
  5. Oil for cooking 30 ml per person /day (Saffola or olive oil)
  6. Fluid – water, tea, juices etc., 8 to 10 glasses

Foods to avoid:

  1. Sugar - Mithaai, pastries, ice cream, shakes Fat - Butter, margarine, ghee
  2. Drink - Alcohol, aerated drinks Additives - Salt, sugar, commercial foods
  3. Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
  4. Snacks to preferably be fruits, vegetables and nuts
  5. Your night time meal must be your lightest (soup and salad)

Gym exercises – Approximately 300 calories utilized per hour – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  1. If above 35 years, get your doctor’s approval before starting an exercise program
  2. Exercise with someone – it motivates you and if you’re over 40, it’s safer
  3. Start with a warm up of cardio and stretching for 5-10 minutes
  4. Begin with power clean lift. Do 15 reps with very light weights
  5. 3 to 4 sets each exercise
  6. 10-12 reps 1st & 2nd set
  7. Increase weight appropriately and do 8-10 reps 3rd & 4th set
  8. Do each exercise in the sequence suggested with a 45-60 second rest in between
  9. Deep breathe for recovery in between sets
  10. Breathe normally as required during exercises
  11. This is a full body program on all days
  12. It alternates muscles groups, so that there is active rest in between sets
  13. This program strengthens and shapes the muscles
  14. Increases body metabolism by increasing muscle tissue and reducing fat
  15. Weight may increase, bulk may increase, but inches will reduce from waist and abdomen
  16. Remember to cool down and stretch to avoid sore muscles, cramps and injury

Cardio exercises - Approximately 300 calories per hour Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Cardio days are dedicated to stamina Gym days are dedicated to strength and suppleness
  • Wear a comfortable pair of running shoes
  • To avoid blisters, always wear socks and inners
  • Drink water freely during exercises.
  • Understand the start, grading and stop of machines before using them
  • Cardio equipment include treadmills, exercycle, rowing machines, steppers, cross trainers etc. In case these equipments are not available, substitute with equivalent machines
  • Benefit of treadmill, exercycle and stepper is for heart, lungs and legs
  • Benefit of rowing machine and cross trainer is for heart, lungs, legs and arms
  • Sequence of use should preferably be an as per program. However, treadmill, exercycle and stepper can be interchanged, and rowing machine and cross trainer may be interchanged