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Computer Viewing: Not Quite Vision 20-20

Dr Snehasis Basu

Today, scenarios like this are becoming common among many of those working in the IT sector, call centers and areas where professionals have to spend long hours glued to the computer screen and video display units. So what is the solution? Changing jobs? Not a very practical prospect, particularly in this economic scenario. And especially when overcoming it is not too difficult.

29-year-old Vineet has been a Systems Analyst in a renowned software company for the last five years, and he simply loves his job. However, since the last few months, he has noticed that his eyes feel sore after a couple of hours’ work. They seem to be gradually becoming red and watery, and he has persistent attacks of headache too. Earlier, he had perfectly good eyes and did not need glasses.

An appointment with an eye-specialist revealed that he was suffering from computer-vision syndrome and more than medicines, he needed to change the pattern of his work.
The itchy red eyes
  • Cause- Allergy to pollens, dust, fumes, pollution, pet fur, cosmetics etc. may precipitate or exacerbate allergic problems.
  • Symptoms - Itchy watery eye, constant rubbing of eyes, redness.
  • The solution - Stay away from the offending substance as much as possible. For allergic conjunctival problem, a change of pillow can be helpful. Stubborn cases may need antiallergic treatment. It can be a longstanding condition, where the main aim is to keep the acute attack at bay. But the good news is that most children outgrow the condition.
Blink!! Blink!!
Did you know that statistics reveal that the average blink rate has come down?
Blinking helps to lubricate the eye, keep it clean and moist. For anyone, who is otherwise asymptomatic, but has subclinical dry eye, the person may experience dryness, itching or redness of eyes. Factors like smoke, smog, exhaust fumes or chemicals increase the risk of this condition even more. Some antihypertensive and anti depressants too can cause similar conditions.

So, if your eyes feel dry or itchy, consult with your eye specialist for a tear supplement that will do away with your discomfort.


Blepharitis (inflammation of eye lids)
It is the infection of the follicles or the glands in the outer edges of the eyelids.

  • Cause – nutritional deficiency, poor hygiene habits, poor sleeping habits, diabetes, lice infestation in children.
  • Symptoms – Swelling of the eyelids, itchy eyes.
  • The solution - Wash your eyes and eyelids thoroughly with clean water. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands. If you have blepharitis, do not touch the affected eye at all with your hands. Use sterile gauze or clean handkerchief. Use hand sanitizers frequently, in case you touch the affected eye. If there is severe swelling or pain, consult with the eye specialist. It may need treatment with oral or topical antibiotics.

Toxic eye

  • Cause - Exposure to vehicular fumes and other forms of air pollution for a long duration.
  • Symptoms - Redness of the eyes, blurred vision, photophobia (light intolerance).
  • The solution - Steps to reduce pollution, using of sunglasses and artificial tear supplements can be useful to protect the eyes.
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