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May 2011
10 Tips to Avoid Urinary Infections
Dr. Ajit Saxena
Those uncomfortablerides when we travel; the inconvenience of public toilets; the innumerable bathroom breaks causing serious discomfort—these are some of the harrowing situations we face while travelling.
Here are a few tips from urologist Dr AjitSaxena, for a comparatively trouble-free journey.
  1. Always carry a bottle of water with you on a journey, however short or long.
  2. If you are going to a warm place, then definitely carry a water bottle with you always. Remember one of the important causes of kidney stones is dehydration,and in a warm place you are more likely to get dehydrated.
  3. For the same reason, drink plenty of liquidsin flight. Go low hard drinks, as they tend to dehydrate further.
  4. Do not hold down your urine as that can damage the delicate bladder mechanism over a period of time. This is particularly true for women. Nowadays, relatively clean toilets are available at most places.
  5. For men, dirty toilets are not a problem as ascending infection (i.e. infection via ureter) does not normally occur. It is a myth that men get infected that way.
  6. Women should carry enough tissues or even disposable sit covers. Remember that the price of holding on to the urine may result in lifelong urinary trouble.
  7. If you have a burning sensation while urinating, drink plenty of water. If it still does not get better then seek the help of local doctor preferably a urologist. Do not ignore nature’s warning bells.
  8. If you have bleeding along with the urine, catch an early flight back and consult your local urologist. Meanwhile drink plenty of water and rest.
  9. If you are not able to pass urine or have forgotten to do so, do not try to travel back as that could be real agony. The first you should do is to get a catheter put in at a local hospital and then rush back to your place of residence.
  10. Finally, if you are expecting a sexual encounter while on holiday, do not forget to pack in a few condoms. Better be safe than sorry.
Dr.Ajit Saxena is Senior Consultant Urologist & Andrologist, Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals, New Delhi
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