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When we think of fitness and exercise, the first thoughts that come to mind may be of the trusty old treadmill, or some of the more ‘conventional’ forms like jogging or working out at the gym.

It usually takes people a lot of inspiration to get up and get going, literally, so any form of physical exercise needs to be interesting and not only beneficial. You don’t need to worry though, for there are some new and different ways to get fit that will make sure your exercise routine is never the same again.

Dancing Our Way to Fitness with Zumba 
When dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez forgot his music tapes for an aerobics class he was teaching, he had no idea that it would give birth to Zumba, a Latin-dance inspired fitness program. The music of Zumba is a culmination of various styles from hip-hip to tango to bhangra and flamenco. It is divided into seven different classes, and one can choose a class according to age and level of exertion.
If you love music and dance, and want a workout away from the confines of the gym, then Zumba is a good choice. However, care needs to be taken to avoid injuries, and another negative aspect is that there is a tendency to gain weight quicker if one gives up such a fast-paced fitness program.
It has only been about ten years since it was started, but Zumba is already a very popular form of exercise. It is proclaimed to be a ‘fitness party’, so if you are looking for a bit of fun with some uplifting music to work your way to fitness, this is the address you should be at.

One Grip at a Time with Rock Climbing
Many of us presume rock climbing to be a dangerous activity, with images of sheer rock faces and the great unknown flashing through our minds. On the contrary, it is as safe a sport as any, and can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, with safety equipment and staff to guide us. Rock climbing is one the best all-round workouts, and benefits both the cardiovascular and muscular systems.
Rock climbing is a physically strenuous activity, so we need to be strong and agile to undertake it. It is recommended to start rock climbing with a proper instructor, as we need to learn the technique of how to tackle a rock face and chalk out a route. It will also do us good to brush up on safety lessons, and we can rent equipment initially before buying our own later on.

Rock climbing exercises
The muscles in the body requiring the heart to work hard at pumping blood, thus leading to an amazing cardio workout.

TTai Chi: Fluid and Flowing Is the Way to Do It
If we don’t want to huff and puff our way to fitness, but would rather do it in a calm and peaceful way, then Tai Chi is what we are looking for. Albeit its roots in martial arts, many people use Tai Chi as a medium of health and relaxation. The slow and graceful movements of Tai Chi require balance, concentration, control and co-ordination. It thus combines mental and physical elements to create overall feelings of peace and harmony.
The benefits of Tai Chi are many, and people have found that they have better stamina and breathing from doing the activity. It also improves working of internal organs, and who can say ‘no’ to a clearer and more relaxed mind? The notion of getting fit without sweating it out might seem a bit incredulous, but it is possible with this internal Chinese martial art.

More Dancing Fitness with Salsa
If we want a fitness regime that is enjoyable, then salsa dancing is a fun option that we can choose to do with a partner too. With its origins in Cuban Son and Afro-Cuban dance, it is a good substitute for conventional aerobic exercises. Salsa dancing incorporates very spontaneous and energetic movements which help to tone and strengthen the legs, and burn calories at the same time. One can learn and practice it in the privacy of one’s home or join a class, with or without a partner. We just need to ensure that we do a bit of stretching before salsa dancing, so that we don’t pull our hamstrings and injure ourselves. Dance is the most natural form of exercise, and combines fun and fitness like no other.

Horse Riding: A Wholesome Workout
Equestrian activities are thankfully no longer confined to the exciting race horses or other forms that we mostly see on television. They are increasingly becoming a choice of fitness for many people, as they combine both exercise and the whole experience of being out in the fresh open air. One needs to be careful though and use safety measures such as a helmet to minimise risk of injury. Horse riding improves co-ordination and reflexes, as the rider needs to control the movement of the horse through certain actions. It boosts both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. And if you love horses or animals in general, go look for a stable near you today.
Exercise is a wholesome experience which makes us feel healthy and happy. With various interesting forms of exercise that have emerged lately, we don’t have to associate the word ‘boredom’ with it anymore. It has in fact become more play than work, and we definitely have run out of excuses to get fit!


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