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October 2010
It’s the Time to Dandiya!
Nutan Sehgal
The high energy Dandiya Raas performed during Navratri is more than just a celebratory dance… It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Come October and the entire western India, especially Gujarat will pirouette to the Dandiya Raas. Guys and girls in colourful attires will strike their wooden sticks to the rhythmic beats of Garba music in clockwise and counter-clockwise movements.

Though the devotional aspect of the dance is well documented, not many know that Dandiya is an ideal way to keep in shape and banish stress. According to fitness experts, it is an excellent form of exercise that is emotionally, mentally and physically satisfying. Apart from giving a "high" of the natural kind, it burns as many calories as jogging or swimming.

Did you know?

Fit Belly:
Dandiya promotes fitness and is a great way to lose fat especially around the belly. The continuous dance movements help performers lose an estimated 300 to 500 calories an hour depending on the speed of the dance.

Relaxant: Dandiya helps de-stress the mind. Since it is a form of vigorous workout, it releases endorphins or brain chemicals, that trigger a kind of euphoria known as the Runner’s High that melts away tension and relaxes the mind and body.

Gait and Posture: Dandiya not just improves cardiovascular strength and physical agility, but it also helps improve gait and posture and develops a grace and elegance. It makes you more coordinated and teaches you to move more artfully.

Blood Circulation:
Dandiya performance improves blood circulation, which gives the skin a healthy pink glow, which in turn aids in improving the posture and gait, apart from providing immense health benefits similar to that of aerobic exercises.

Concentration and Teamwork: Dandiya performers develop concentration and a keen sense of team work, as performers have to strike their sticks in a coordinated manner to the beat of the music. To do this correctly and in rhythm, they have to be completely focussed.

Strong Ties: Dandiya is traditionally a celebratory dance and contains a special social component that gives you an opportunity to develop strong ties. This results in friendships and contributes to self-esteem and a positive self image.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself the perfect Dandiya sticks and dance away towards better health. If you like, you can even paint your own Dandiya sticks with your family and friends, to make this season more memorable.
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