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Dr Shikha Swaroop
Say ‘yes’ to physical activities
The biggest menace of modern living is sedentary lifestyle. With it comes the layer of flab on your body. Make exercise your fitness mantra. And if you are serious about losing weight don’t let your fitness regime be in fits and start. Before hitting a gym you should always keep in mind that the main aim of exercising is not only to burn those extra calories but also to increase the metabolic rate of the body. Vicky Kapoor, the internationally qualified fitness trainer and Chief Krav Maga expert in the Indian subcontinent says, “One should be disciplined and follow moderate living style accompanied with good fitness regime.

It is generally observed that those who exercise regularly has good body metabolism. Exercising regularly will also maintain your insulin level, since a work-out session helps in better utilization of insulin.

Krav maga expert Vicky Kapoor recommends:

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is overall fitness exercise developed by the Israel military for self-defense. The technique is based on mind and intellectual force no matter what the physical strength you have, and has as a goal of transference of weight as an explosive force. It is excellent exercise for burning fats and building up energy.

Exercise for leaner you

A 14 to 15 minutes cardio exercise daily will help. Sport jogging and a fast paced jumping is excellent to lose weight Cardio exercise will ventilate your heart and make it stronger. So, besides meeting the oxygen deficit it will also help to shed extra fat. While one can opt for cycling, running or brisk walk for outdoor activities, the indoor activities should be coupled with push ups and sit ups, and lifting dumbbells.

Get toned up look the Pilates way
ilates work wonders for the whole body giving it a perfect shape. It is an excellent form of injury prevention exercises. Working on the mind body connection this work out will not only strengthen one’s muscles but also work almost like yoga by incorporating the proper breathing technique and regulates blood circulation.

Yoga the art of fitness

Yoga, a part of Indian tradition, is very effective way of losing weight. It’s like getting dual benefit from the same exercise, first being the weight loss and the second getting a perfect toned up body. Practice of Surya Namaskar 10 times a day, is very effective. This exercise increases the perspiration rate of an individual leading to increased metabolic rate and thus aiding in burning fats.

Some ways to reduce calorie intake are:
  • Replace fizzy drinks and fruit juices with water.
  • Substitute whole milk with semi-skimmed, or semi-skimmed with full skimmed.
  • Let your lunch be lighter than usual. Limit the use of fats and mayonnaise. Replace your cereal intake with salads and vegetables.
  • Completely stop the intake of sugar in tea and coffee.
  • Let your food portion be small. Stick to one helping mantra, be it dinner or lunch.
  • Shun those harmful treats of chocolates, cookies, pancakes, waffles, chocolate bars and crisps between meals.
  • Minimize the intake of tongue teasers like beer and alcohol.
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