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December 2009
Some New Year Resolutions
Shruti Pendyala R
It's time again to make our new year's resolutions and year after year, as we make them, we take it for granted that we break them. The most common of the resolutions are 'I'll try and lose weight'. This is good for your body and your health and we want you to stick to it.

But what you do for yourself shouldn't be a task or again a resolution at the end of every year. It should be a constant effort from your side. Taking this into mind, this New Year, why don't you resolute tohelping others, the less unfortunate who are unable to make their health their resolution?
According to the 2005 World Bank estimate, 42% of India falls below the international poverty line. And with such a high population, that's a huge number of people with no resources to maintain a living. Most of them find it difficult to make ends meet. And at such a time when their health takes a toll on them, they are so close to death, and in need of help. So this New Year let's resolute to helping them as much as we can. Resolutions you can make!
Save A Child's Heart (SACH) - Spread a Smile!
SACH is a support foundation for children from underprivileged backgrounds, suffering from heart diseases. When a child falls sick, it melts a million hearts. But not everyone can afford to make a difference. If you can, you should. Here's how you can help:
  • Donate online: visit
  • Sponsor a child - you may select a child and personally follow up and be updated with treatment.
  • Volunteer- if donating money is tight for you then you could volunteer to touch lives.
  • Join- if you're a medical social worker,joinSACH and help spread the smile.
Cure- Help Treat, Research and Spread Awareness
Cure is anonprofit foundation dedicated to fight cancer as free or subsidized treatment for the less fortunate. Also encourage research and spread public awareness. Cancer is on a high rise now and treatment is a long and expensive process. It cannot be avoided or ignored, as that can only make it worse. So be quick in reaching out to save a life. Here's how you can assist:
  • Volunteer- help raise awareness amongst the people about the foundation and what they aim towards doing.
  • Donate- in checks to the foundation and show your support to the unfortunate patients suffering from cancer.

Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF) - Help Prevent and Treat Head Injuries

Jodhpur'sroyal family faced a traumatic incident when their son Shivraj met with a serious head injury on the polo grounds in February 2005. He is still making a slow progress towards recovery in the USA, while the maharaja discovered the extraordinary work done by the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF). And this is when he vowed to bring this expertise to India, as in India one out of every six trauma patients die, whereas in the United States the numbers are one out of every 200. And so the IHIF was founded in order to lessen the pain of those unfortunate Indians suffering from traumatic head injuries. Here's how you can lend a hand.
  • Be a volunteer and help raise funds and spread awareness for IHIF.
  • Buy sponsorship cards on a one-year basis, paying a monthly amount.
  • Or simply just buy IHIF greeting cards to send out your season's greetings. And help spread awareness.
Remember, where there is a way there is a will… its possible for you to make the change. Act now and make your resolution.
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