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November 2009
7 Sex Resolutions for this Winter
Dr Ruchi
I opened my eyes, feeling like a piece of papaya floating in a bowl of fruit salad. Amidst orange dreams, the smell of ripe papaya filled my nose, and I try to answer those essential questions of life: Main kaun hoon? Main kahan hoon? (Who am I? Where am I?) Self awareness slowly dawns: I am not a papaya (not yet, at least)
Learn to peep in
Not in your browser, buddy! It's the new mantra: "thoda aur wish karo" (wish for some more). These winters are calling in for the Sex Rehab. Many people don't know this, bramhacharya or celibacy is not about abstinence, it's about balanced sex! As per bramhacharya, indulgence is advised during the winter and spring season: one can have sex as much as he/she wants or as much as his/her physical capacity and age permit. So bring it on! Laughing!

You are just stressed - not depressed!
Kick those anti-depressants out of your medicine cabinet. They short-circuit your pleasure centre by decreasing levels of the brain chemical dopamine (one of the sexual triumvirate, along with estrogens and testosterone) and are the cause of anorgasmia (means, no orgasm!). Just bust the stress: ask your partner help you warm up: press in the shoulders alternating sides and start circling his fingers from the crest of your shoulders to each side of the spine down. Amazing treat!

Drop everything to rush into your partner's arms
Make him glued to you. Make her the home-to-honey-girl. Do safe sex before you go for the 'smart one'. Drop everything but the contraception. It's easier to be rational and reasonable - before you're in the "heat of the moment."

It's so much in budget
You need two loos, two TVs, two cars and if you ask about me, probably two Playstations as well. But sex comes so much within budget. Moreover, my friends recommend that if you're looking for a safe industry to invest or earn a living in during the recession, maybe you should think more about sex. No, I'm not suggesting a career in porn or prostitution. I'm talking about condoms.

Don't get pooped up and lazy
Oh yes! You need it badly and you are geared up as well, but don't let the winter slump leave you too pooped to enjoy it. Two overlooked nutrients maybe to blame for tiredness. Low folate levels can make you feel tired, with no energy for sex. Surveys show that many women aren't getting enough of this B vitamin. And low iron can deplete brain neurotransmitters, which can lead to lethargy. The fix for both problems: a daily multivitamin with 100 percent of the daily requirement for iron (18 mg) and folate (400 micrograms).

Lift up the libido
Research shows that a happy sex life can stamp out stress, reduce heart disease risk, and even improve immunity. But enough of the nonsexy talk! Try just one of these libido-lifting tricks:
  • Book a rubdown: Go for a massage
  • Read something hot: My recommendation: the Herotica Series
  • Break into a sweat beforehand: Your blood is circulating, your nervous system is firing, so scheduling sex right after your exercise makes for good sex!

    Make sexual health a priority
    Whether you are having sex or not, both men and women need to have regular check-ups to make sure they are sexually healthy. Women should have annual gynaecological examinations. If you are a female of less than 26 years of age, go for the Gardasil vaccine today - it will cover you for cervical cancer. For those older than 26, get the pap smears done. The doctor will gently insert a speculum into your vagina, swab it and be done - quick and painless. Go for it! Stay safe, stay informed.
Dr. Ruchi is Vice President Apollo Wellness Plus and Lifetime Wellness Rx International
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