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August 2009
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
B Positive Content Team

Profiling the Cradle - Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited's network of retail day-to-day healthcare clinics and boutique centers across the country.
The process of birthing is not only a celebrated occasion throughout the world, but also a unique experience. Most often 'birthing' is the family's first experience with a healthcare facility. But for too long women have had a limited choice on the facility itself. It is usually either the neighbourhood nursing home or a general hospital, which are either under-equipped or cold and impersonal. Having a baby is a joyful and fulfilling time for a woman. But the lack of proper facilities makes delivering a baby an experience filled with indifference, discomfort and uncertainties.
The Apollo Hospitals Group now unveils The Cradle - a facility to ensure just that. A revolutionary concept in childbirth and maternity care in India, The Cradle is a high-end, premium boutique birthing centre, which has been conceived exclusively to satisfy the service and quality needs of a younger generation of Indians. The Cradle is unlike anything you have heard about or seen before. Think of it as a world-class healthcare facility that offers 5-star hotel amenities. This facility offers services of international standards in a premium environment while creating an unforgettable experience for the mother and her family in welcoming their bundle of joy into the world. The Cradle is backed by a highly trained, efficient and compassionate team of nurses and physicians, including obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, paramedics and customer care staff who want to be part of this occasion of "delivering joy". It is designed to provide an atmosphere of elegant comfort and relaxation and be the most complete women's center in India dedicated specifically to the physical and emotional needs of expecting mothers and newborns. Conception, pregnancy and motherhood are important chapters in a woman's life. Why then should the actual experience of where and how a woman delivers be anything else? The Cradle will ensure that birthing will never be the same again. For the mother. For her baby. And her entire family!

"The royal cradles are elaborate indeed, and so is taking care of babies in palaces. Mother-in-law, chachis, kaakis, old maids – there are a lot of people to take care of the babies. Everyone who come to the palace takes ownership of the children and spends time with them; it was so much fun at that time. I wish we had had two more babies!"

-:Her Highness The Maharani Of Jodhpur, Hemlata Rajye

Labour – Delivery – Recovery (LDR) Room
Convenience and comfort are paramount at The Cradle, which is the first to introduce the LDR room concept in India. While maternity homes and hospitals cart an expecting mother from one room to another for every stage of the birthing process - Labour, Delivery and Recovery (LDR), The Cradle is conceptualized to provide Single Room Maternity Care, in which labour, delivery and recovery take place in a single setting. Each LDR room is furnished with an imported multipurpose bed and all the equipment necessary for a safe and comfortable delivery.

All LDR suites are decorated in soft, soothing colours and furnished with a multi-position birthing bed that adjusts to a variety of birthing positions to enable labour and an easy delivery. Every LDR suite has a comfortable recliner, a rocking chair, television and music system to soothe the mother.

Private showers are available in each room to help the mother relax during and after the delivery! The LDR suites are designed close to the operation theatres, in case the mother needs to be moved during the delivery process for an unplanned surgical procedure. Following delivery and recovery in the LDR Suite, the mother and child are shifted to a suite/ VIP room, where they recuperate till they are ready to leave. Labour-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) suites are designed to accommodate an average length of stay of 12 hours. They will operate on a 24-hour basis and will be fully equipped with all the medical necessities for an uncomplicated birth. Much of it will be tucked into closets or behind wall hangings, yet within easy reach of the doctors and nurses. A push of a button, and all the equipment, secreted away in the panels of the room, are made available to the doctor for a safe, healthy delivery.

An experience to remember
The entire ambience of The Cradle is celebratory and cheerful. Boutiques selling flowers, baby clothes and kiddie toys, apart from baby accessories, foods and hygiene products are easily accessible for visitors and the new parents. Easy means of parking, proper signage to help navigate through the facility and courteous staff to help locate the appropriate service will further enhance the experience of being at The Cradle. The Cradle brings together the luxury of a 5-star hotel, the comfort of home and the professional medical care that can be expected only from a unit of Apollo Hospitals. With its focus on wellness, rather than illness, The Cradle will help you bring your baby into the world in the most comfortable manner, making the joy of delivering, a truly memorable experience. You come in to The Cradle with your comfort clothes on and leave with your baby and everything you might need to take care of it.

Features of The Cradle:
  • LDR rooms and suites
  • Operation theatres
  • Procedure and post-procedure recovery rooms
  • Neonatal isolation care unit
  • Suite, super deluxe, deluxe room and private rooms
  • Consultation rooms
  • Aerobic/Antenatal classes
  • Ultramodern medical equipment including diagnostic facilities like 4D
  • Ultrasound, X-ray and laboratory
  • Onsite pharmacy
  • Cafeteria and other services
  • Maternity wear and kids toy shops
  • Handpicked team of doctors, specialists, consultants and nurses 
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