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May 2010
5 Steps to Being a Fit New Mother
Dr. Milan Chhetri
When I became a mother for the first time seven years ago, I felt so complete. I enjoyed it so much I ended up having two more children! Women always look at me in shock because they cannot believe I have children and I still look fit with a flat stomach.

It does make it easier with all the knowledge I have in this area, being a professional, and it would be my pleasure to share every bit of that secret with you through these simple steps:

Step One
Make sure you are at your optimum weight when you conceive. 10 kgs is now considered a very healthy weight gain if you are at optimum weight, 12 to 14 kgs if you are underweight and 8 kgs if you are overweight.

Step Two
Exercise regularly; start a low impact and high flexibility routine if you have never exercised. Make sure to spend a lot of time stretching, because as you progress in the pregnancy, the shift of weight towards the front leaves your back and legs very sore.

Step Three
The most important part comes after the delivery. This is the time your mother and mother-in-law will love to pamper you with rich foods as they feel you need your strength and need to be able to produce gallons of milk to nurse. However, don’t give in. Eat healthy, in small portions, more frequently, with easily digestible foods, as you are going to be awake at odd hours. Make sure to breast feed as much as possible; it is good nourishment for your baby and is a natural way to contract the uterus.

Step Four
Start post pregnancy exercise classes as soon as you can. After an evaluation from your doctor, ask a physiotherapist to focus on natural contraction movements to help the womb. Remember that the longer you wait, that much more difficult it is to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Step Five
Remember, you don’t need to eat for two when you are pregnant. Feed your body wholesome, nourishing food in tiny quantities very frequently. Stay away from oily and spicy foods. Have your starches in small quantities till sunset. After that, stick to fruit as you feel hungry, in single portion sizes. Respect your body and love yourself by not gaining more weight than needed. Enjoy motherhood by being a mother: look after your own baby, though it’s tiring, it’s nature’s way of healing you and getting you fit. Nurse your baby for as long as you can, breast feeding helps the womb contract. This is in honour of my very own mother, who continues to show me how beautiful this relationship is.

Happy Mothers’ Day!
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