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January 2011
Preparation for the New Arrival
Anju Poddar
The arrival of a baby is a most exciting time for new parents. There is so much to plan, so much enthusiasm, and so many childcare products available that it can become a daunting task to choose the right ones. New parents will definitely get loads of advice from friends and family on what to do and to avoid, which is bound to get confusing.

It is in this context that the effort of countless midwives to help with the process of childbirth has to be appreciated, as the International Midwives’ Day falls on May 5th. It was only in the early 1900s with the increasing availability of hospitals that more women began going there for their delivery, as against planning births at home with little medication.

The Preparation
One of the most important things to be done before the baby arrives is to fix up the ‘first carers’, be it the Japa ladies (experienced women who are great help in giving massages and for bathing the newborn and the new mother), good nurses or maids. It is better to book their services in advance as they are hard to come by. You should make sure to get good recommendations before hiring them.

The time of the year, and the season in which the baby is due to arrive, is of importance while shopping because the selection of clothes depends on it. The size of the baby is also important. You could check with your doctors about the approximate weight of the baby. Indian babies are generally much smaller, so initially tiny clothes are required.

You can also subscribe to good magazines dedicated to childcare and babies. You can also try owning a copy of The Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford, which has been highly recommended by many users. You should also make an extensive shopping list and subdivide the list into various categories such as:
  • furniture                   
  • bath
  • feeding
  • clothes
  • health kit
  • toys
For a clearer understanding of the things you will require, here is a sample shopping list.

Furniture and other accessories
  • cot/crib
  • changing table with storage beneath
  • potty
  • mosquito net for the cot
  • cot mobile
Bath and toilet kit
  • bath tub
  • massage oil
  • hair and body wash
  • eau-de-cologne
  • brush
  • kajal

Anju Poddar is a successful home maker fascinated by Hindu traditions and festivals.She has authored four well received books,the latest being Meals,Menus&More
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