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March 2012
5 Spring Haircuts
Rod Anker
We really need to think about our hair as part of
our wardrobe and wear it new from time to time!
We need to evolve our look and start being more
fashion savvy or else it is as boring as wearing the same outfit every other day.

Spring is in and it’s time you flaunt a new hairdo! Go for the chop and get a colour change if you like to liven up your looks! It gets warmer this time round now and you’d want to wear easy and cool. Try some safe to adventurous hairstyles to match the season and your clothes!

Long with solid bangs
Having a solid fringe will add drama to your look and when keeping the rest straight it adds a touch of class to your entire appearance.

Thick cropped in undercut bob
This one is for those who have thick hair that never sits right and is a constant worry! Removing the bulge from the under layers of your hair and adding a lot of texture to the overlapping areas will add more life and character to the cut

Crop it off
A nice solid bob has texture and some seamless layers! Your hair will move freely and
aid your confidence.

Short Bob solid bangs
A bob on the right hair with the right face shape can be amazing but adding solid bangs changes everything! Solid straight and not too short, you’re going to be a sure head turner!

Collar bone and drop dead gorgeous
Long layers cut to finesse with precision and tailormade just for you have the look that just needs to be given a shake once you have washed it!
Rod Anker is Celebrity Hairstylist New Delhi
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