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January 2012
Hair Fall? Not any more
Rod Anker
So we have heard all the different thoughts on getting healthy locks and how to maintain them, right! Every day on the television you hear this acclaimed person and that acclaimed person saying do this and that, eat this and don’t eat that, shampoo your hair less, use this shampoo or use this conditioner, don’t use a conditioner!

To be honest, it all makes me very tired and I don’t pay attention to any of it any more. Years ago I used to be annoyed when I would see or hear it on the television or in the glossy magazines, but I don’t now.

We have to understand that commercials pay for the shows we like to watch in media space. Whilst I am saying this, I am not saying everything you see is not true, but that you must use some common sense for your purchase. Do not think that just because your favourite celebrity is endorsing it, he or she would be actually using it; in fact chances are they aren’t!

Tips for healthy hair
  • Trim your hair every six to eight weeks. It is not relevant if you are growing your hair or not – the ends need to be removed every six to eight weeks to maintain the condition.
  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Yes, every time you shampoo you MUST condition your hair. If it makes your hair too flat then you are using the wrong one or you may be using it the wrong way. Shampoo the scalp and hair and condition ONLY the hair and not the scalp.
  • Avoid oil massages at all cost – WHY? Well, oils can coat the hair shaft and clog the follicles on the scalp. Very few oils are water-soluble and need to be washed off with a detergent. If the oil stays on, it will wrap itself on the hair and over time will build up and create a barrier that will draw the moisture out of your hair and make it feel like straw! If you rub your hair strands together whilst reading this and you can hear a rough noise, then you have to stop using oil right now! Detox your hair and scalp. Speak to a professional about this and the right products to use.
  • If you are going for a weekly blow dry, then start carrying your own products with you. Ensure that they are not burning or pulling your hair; if they are, change salons! This will do damage that a pair of scissors is the only cure for!
  • Colour, colour, colour and colour cannot be overlapped over each other UNLESS it is done with extreme caution, and by a professional. Just because the roots are being done, don’t be the one to demand that the left over colour be rubbed through to the ends. This is not the correct way to colour or freshen up already coloured hair.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes all food groups – fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and of course water. What is equally important for the hair and skin is the eight-hour sleep at night!
  • There are no shortcuts to having something good! I assure you that if you want the best in life it comes at a price. Quality takes time and investment on your behalf.
  • Cheap does not mean good; it just means cheap!

I do not pretend to know everything when it comes to your hair, but the one constant thing I do know is that we all have it and there is no magical cure for anything. Sure, there are products that will assist with maintaining colour, fullness, shine and will protect the hair; and these are valuable tools that you really should have. But do not get trapped into buying something that will do nothing other than occupy space in your bathroom.
Rod Anker is Celebrity Hairstylist ,New Delhi
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