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May 2010
Avoid that Nasty Tan
Karen  Anne Campos Bhatia
Have you been hopping from one shadow to another, to avoid getting a summer tan? Or have you been walking around like you belong in a Jane Austin book, under a pretty laced umbrella? Although the umbrella is a great look for the fashion conscious, the shadow walking you might find tiresome- no worries! I have for you some quick fixes for removing your summer tan.

  • Apply a mixture of raw milk and few drops of lemon on the tan daily. Wash after 10 minutes.
  • Grate potato; squeeze the juice out of it and apply on the tanned area.
  • A mixture of turmeric powder and sandalwood paste can work well on a tan.
  • Soak tamarind in water and make a paste out of it. Smear it all over the tan.Wash in 10-15 minutes.
  • Soak four almonds in the morning. Peel them in the evening and grind them in milk to make a milk-almond lotion like mixture. Use this milk-almond lotion at night and wash off the next morning.
  • Cut a lemon into half and scrub it on the tanned skin daily.
  • Make a paste of mint leaves and apply on the face to remove tan.
  • Massaging with sesame oil or coconut oil is good for removing a tan.
With these tips in mind banish all worries about your tan. But this does not mean that you can run around in the sun, unprotected - heat stroke is a serious issue… use plenty of sun block, and hydrate.

Karen Anne Campos Bhatia is Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Lifestyle Consultant and Proprietor of VIGOR Health Consulting

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