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July 2011
Come Rain,Come Shine!
Rod Anker
For so many reasons, we all stress out about the rainy season and what to do with our hair. Well, it's time to relax and have a few tricks up our sleeves, so that we can handle any situation.

We are about to witness the rains very soon and by now I think everyone is looking forward to it. Let's hope it is not short lived and lasts longer than last year! The kids are back at school and we have increasingly less time in the day to do the things we need to do, and even lesser at night when it comes time to dress up and go out. So, we need to be armed with knowledge and as they say practice makes perfect! So try these methods out to make sure you have it right.

Hair for the Rains
  1. We also need to remember that long hours of being in an air-conditioned environment dehydrates our hair and makes it static. The preventive option is Alfa Parf Splendor Serum, which rehydrates without leaving it oily or with a build up.

  2. Hair goes crazy when there is moisture in the air and we are lucky, to be honest, as there are other parts of the world where it gets hotter and more humid than in India. So, as we all know, things can always be worse! Moisture is attracted to the hair and if it is curly naturally and you have blow-dried it out, then it will start to curl up or go frizzy and no one likes that!

  3. Instead of doing the normal blow out, you should try wearing your hair more natural.Instead of stretching it out completely, curl it in a natural way. Blow dry it still – stretching the hair out (but not as straight) – this way when the moisture does attack, your hair will still look the same and not appear like you have not done it. There are many products in the market that will repel moisture once blow dried and are of great help to maintain the blow-dried look you are after (speak to your stylist about which one they would recommend).

  4. Another great way would be to shampoo and condition your hair (always condition it, as without conditioner the cuticle will be exposed and hair will dehydrate faster and become static and fly away).Towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in serum and a leave-in moisture spray, tie your hair up loosely and encourage the curls so it becomes natural and loose, almost beach like.

  5. If this is not your thing, then gently pin your hair up loosely without a formal look, and make it look effortless. Finish it with a light covering of hair spray.

  6. To get a sassy look after the shampoo and conditioner, loosely braid your hair and tie it again loosely at the nape and wait during the day until it is dry and you are about to go out. Remove the hair tie and massage your hair with a small amount of serum. You should look ready to walk the red carpet! It is not a neat formal look, so don’t try and comb it out; it needs to look natural.

Enjoy the rainy season!

Rod Anker is Creative Director,Kimrobinson Salon at The Aman,New Delhi
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