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April 2011
Eat Today, for Hair Everyday
Rod Anker
We have all been much influenced by tricky marketing. Thus, big multinational companies continue preying on the consumer by claiming that their products will fix everything.

All that Glitters is Not Gold
No shampoo will make your hair grow faster. No product will instantly thicken it, nor add volume overnight. Sure there are some products that will assist but none which will ensure miracle cure. We have to be a little realistic and be mature enough to understand the facts about the product we are buying into.

The Mythical Versus the Practical: Your Choice
There are so many myths in India about hair care! Coconut water and raw egg, olive oil and ginger juice, orange pulp rubbed into scalp, yoghurt left on scalp, egg yolk massaged into hair--all of which make me feel squeamish! Some of these techniques can breed bacteria on the scalp. Hair growth is dependent on the health of your body. To replenish the wealth of hair that you have, you need to eat well and pay a lot of attention to what you eat. Your genes are also key players in determining the kind of hair you will have.

So what does a healthy diet include?
For healthy hair, you need to have items from certain food groups that I shall talk about now and ensure that everything is taken in moderation.
  • Salmon, tuna and mackerel are all high in Omega-3 fatty acids and also vitamin B12—two extremely essential ingredients for beautiful and healthy hair.
  • Nuts are extremely important, too. Brazil nuts contain selenium, vital for scalp health. Walnuts condition hair with their alpha-linolenic acid. Zinc is found in cashews, peanuts, and almonds, a mineral that prevents hair loss, fall and shedding. Consume these regularly for good hair.
  • Chicken, red meat and beans/lentils are also beneficial for hair.
  • Chicken is an excellent source of protein, which helps hair grow quickly. It enables the body to absorb iron better, which in turn increases the chance of your hair colour remaining bright and the follicles strong.
  • Red meat can be consumed twice a week to give hair its fullest chance of potency to grow. However, red meat has other health hazards so restrict the intake as much as you can.
  • Vegetarians need not worry that hair growth will be compromised by their diet though. Beans and lentils provide a superb source of protein, as well as iron, zinc and biotin to prevent brittle locks.
Veggies For Mane
Those who desire a luscious mane can't go wrong by eating lots of vegetables: both leafy green ones and the red ones, like carrots. Dark green vegetables provide iron and calcium, as well as Vitamins A and C. These vitamins assist in the production of sebum, which the body needs to condition the hair and keep it in tip-top shape.

Carrots also provide Vitamin A. Good for vision as well as hair, these vegetables will encourage follicles to increase their production. Hair, well-fed, has no choice but to grow.

A Wholesome Lifestyle For Hair
Maintain an excellent diet, low in fats, caffeine and alcohol, fortified with eight to ten glasses of water a day and a multivitamin diet to increase hair growth. Maintaining this will put you on the best footing for gorgeous hair.

Eight, the Magic Number
No matter how much attention you pay to a strict diet, you must make sure to sleep well and consume less alcohol. If you don’t follow these two rules, your body will surely age soon; and this is not a healthy start to a better and healthier body and hair. 8 hours of sleep every night and 8 glasses of water each day, a balanced diet low in fat and oily food—these are all you need and you are off to a flying start for attaining that perfect look!

Rod Anker is Creative Director,Kimrobinson Salon at Aman,New Delhi
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