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May 2010
Get that Lustre Back
Karen Campos Bhatia

Summer can be very drying on our hair and skin. Yet, we often overlook maintaining a regular regime for our hair and scalp. Bringing back the lustre your hair rightfully deserves is an easy thing to do, provided the regimen is strictly followed

  • Understand:
    Determine whether you have dry, oily or combination hair and treat it accordingly. Make sure you consult a professional for information on those products that should be used by you.
  • Shampoo:
    Use one that is free of Sodium Laureth Sulphate, as it is perfect in very dry conditions. It does not strip your hair and scalp of all its proteins.
  • Oiling:
    While oiling is part of our culture, it’s not all magical by itself. It sometimes makes your hair feel more brittle and heavy.
  • Conditioner:
    Evey time you shampoo your hair, a conditioner has to be used to ensure that the cuticle has been closed to prevent moisture being lost. A leave-in conditioner is also very beneficial.
  • UV Protectors:
    Please use products that have UV protectors and cover your hair when you are out in the sun.
  • Sun Screen:
    If you are swimming, make sure you stock up on sunscreen for your hair, not regular sunscreen but one especially for your hair.
These simple summer tips are a sure shot way to make you look and feel better this summer, so why delay - enjoy your summer!
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