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August 2010
Products Speak
Must have hair products
Rod Anker
Well first of all, I can honestly say I have become somewhat of a product junkie over the last few years. I was never so concerned with my hair regime; in fact I prided myself on the fact that I didn’t care. I must say a smile and a glass of compliments always make you appear more beautiful, no matter who you are.

Chemical Products
Well those days are done and over with. With the increase in pollution in the air and water, we need to be aware of what effects this has on our hair. Ingredients such as SLS are potentially harmful to our health and yet are still included in 99 percent of shampoos in India and little is known about it.

Natural Products
I love natural products but also find that people, especially celebrities, expect immediate results, which natural products do not give. If you want to go the home remedy way, then soaked gooseberries or castor oil when applied to the hair does wonders. Provided you have the time for results. If you opt for buying products that are marketed as ‘so called’ natural products, beware, as most often they may have just natural extracts in it.

My celebrity secrets
I tend to always have my core products, which I use and have to have, close by, such as the following:

Leave in moisturising spray: This is essential for closing the cuticle and adding moisture to the internal structure of the hair shaft. Many times people think ‘why use conditioner, as it will make my hair flat and I want it full’ – well the cuticle needs to be closed so this is the first and foremost step to ensure so. You can look at ways to gain the desired fullness.

A water soluble dry wax: This is to ensure texture to the hair after styling, if needed. I dislike oily waxes a lot as they make natural oils build up on the hair and scalp, leaving it dehydrated and weighing it down.

Liquid gold: And of course, let’s not forget Alfa Parf Cristalli liquid, which I call liquid gold. It closes the cuticle, acts as a heat protector, adds shine and also de-tangles the hair (I use this product a lot; it is my all time favourite).

Once you find something that works and you feel comfortable with it, consider it your mantra. Remember that with your hair – the less harsh products you use, the more it speaks.
Rod Anker is Creative Director, Kimrobinson Salon, Aman, New Delhi
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