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june 2011
Summer Hair Care
Rod Anker

Seasons last for a few months and whilst it is refreshing to shorten your hair to feel cooler in the heat, it will surely take longer than the season to grow back. A good idea in the heat is to finally make the step towards bangs -- they are in, and will keep the hair from falling in your face and depending on the shape of your face, can add the edge that you need.

Certainly in vogue right now is the “Paris” Bob which opens up the collar bone and creates shape that is feminine and soft, styled in various ways to give your hair versatility. For men, we still see shorter hair working through the fashion seasons worldwide, but with longer, more texture on the top too gives variation in styling.

What can be as refreshing as a change of colour or styling during the heat, to brighten up your look? Why not think about having some multi-shading with various hues to add another dimension to your hair? Keep in mind your plans -- if you are planning on a holiday at the beach, then do make sure you take the appropriate measures with products to keep your hair protected.

Hair needs to be somewhat age appropriate; but more importantly it needs to be personality appropriate. We need to make sure that the accessories we place on our bodies including hair, make up, clothes bring out the best in us wherever we are, be it on holidays, at home or out for the evening.

I like to think that a constant evolution of our looks needs to be in place, with a plan on evolving it, rather than having the same thing season after season, year after year. This can be boring and very restrictive. You certainly wouldn’t be wearing the same style of clothes you used to wear ten years ago, right? Everything moves with the times, so hair also has to change. Think about what changes you can make to bring out the best features in you, have some fun with your hair and send the right message to people about what type of person you are. Be individualistic.

Summer Tips
Summer is here and your hair will be tied up the most in this season. Here are a few things to be careful of:
  • If you are tying your hair up, do it loosely. Once your hair is tied, gather the hair and gently pull it back out of the hairband (only ¼ inch) to ensure that the nerve endings throughout your scalp are not put under pressure, as this will give you a headache.
  • Make sure you use a hair band that is soft and not sticky, as it will grab on to the hair when it is pulled out. This may cause damage.
  • Use the serum you have. If you don’t have one, please go out and get yourself a heat protecting serum that once applied in small amounts (two drops) will act as a lubricant to the hair and reduce friction on the band.
  • If you are planning on being in the sun, why not have some fun with long hair with a big rimmed hat, both protecting the hair and the face from the sun, as well as making a totally fab fashion statement!
  • If you are in and out of the pool, don’t blow dry each and every time, but please make sure you shampoo and condition your hair to remove any gathered chlorine as this will cause the hair to dry out and the colour to lighten.

Rod Anker is Creative Director, Kimrobinson Salon at The Aman, New Delhi
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