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January 2011
Trends in hairstyle to look forward to this New Year
Rod Anker
Can we all believe that 2010 is over and we are already thinking about 2011?

Well, this New Year is an exciting time for hair - so many new products and innovations have been launched and with such fantastic results. We are all excited about the two newest technologies in hair care that are both available exclusively at Kimrobinson, New Delhi.

One must remember that when it comes to following trends, we have to ensure that we understand that everyone’s face shape, lifestyle and needs are all different. Kimrobinson is not about being a “Trend setter”. We are about the individual and hence don’t support the “one size fits all” approach to hair or woman. Of course, we all care about what’s hot and what’s new. However, there is so much more that needs to be taken into consideration.

The New Buzzword
Keratin is the new buzzword that is being talked about now, as we are seeing more and more people opting for the more natural look and having an easily maintained style: working on a natural front, adding strength and bonding to the internal layers of your hair without any abrasion or aggression caused. This leaves the hair looking amazing, smooth and easy to manage without the nasty re-growth or side effects. Your smooth frizz-free hair grows out with ease and you are not left with anything other than wonderfully easy-to-manage locks.

Warm Colors
As far as colour is concerned, we are seeing warm rich caramel tones and hues, honey browns and chestnut – all of which favour the Indian woman’s natural tones. Using multi-shading, we have developed a technique that will add texture and depth to your style and look, without giving you a high maintenance colour. Explore a new world of colour and showcase the new you this year!

It's Getting Shorter
Hair has and is going to be worn shorter, a good sign for the independent woman. With soft geometric styling, luxurious volume and cleanse-and-go ease. It’s a style that is impossibly chic, tantalizingly effortless. With its above-the-shoulder length, the Paris Bob perfectly highlights a swan-like neck, delicate bone structure and ballerina posture.

Versatile Man
Men’s hair is going to showcase a more James Dean look with shorter sides and added length on the top to create variation, giving multiple options for the modern man, corporate by day and having the versatility when the need arises.

All in all 2011 will be fun. Change is good; evolve your look and take a chance.Have a Wonderful New Year and stay safe with your family and loved ones.
Rod Anker is creative Director,Kimrobinson Salon,Aman,New Delhi
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