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September 2011
Hair Spa
All you need to know!
Rod Anker
There is no ‘quick fix’ when it comes to hair made of ‘keratin’. A lot needs to be explained about ‘Hair Spa’, which refers to a service and is not a product as often wrongfully perceived. Hair Spa is meant to treat or pamper the hair with some TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Having a Hair Spa, Hair Mask or Hair Treatment is not something recommended to everyone. In fact, any treatment, product or hair spa you treat your hair with, has to be at the ‘hair ends only’.

Having regular hair spas or treatments is great for your hair health, because generally they add moisture to the hair shaft, close the cuticles and protect the hair from heat while the hair packs have UV filters. However, hair spa alone cannot give you the permanent desired results. Hair spas, coupled with other hair care routines and good nutrition, can provide strength and volume to hair, while adding bounce to the same.  

Hair spa is excellent for treating hair that are dry, damaged and porous after being subjected to harsh chemical treatments involving procedures like re-bonding, perming, colouring or exposure to sun, wind and environmental pollution and blow drying. Further the Hair Spa even addresses the hair issues like dandruff and split ends and itchy scalp. Depending on the condition of the scalp, whether it is oily or dry, hair spas are also designed accordingly for normalizing the oil secretions.

Other than deep conditioning the hair, hair spas involving a massage also result in the elimination of impurities from the pores, thus unclogging the same and at the same time, increasing the blood circulation to the scalp as well. The result is strong revitalized scalp and hair.

A typical hair spa involves several procedures including massaging the hair spa shampoo, deep conditioning and further applying a massage cream over each strand of hair and a steam in the end.

Amongst the other hair care routines you must :
  • Trim your hair is every eight weeks (by about one inch or so). 
  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner alternate days or daily.
  • Take a hair spa, treatment, ritual or the like, depending on the condition of your hair, approx every 5-7 weeks.
  • Use a light water based serum that will close the cuticle tight adding shine and locking in moisture, protect the hair when blow drying from the heat and give it a luster.
  • Use a quality brush; do not leave it to anyone to blow dry. A lot of damage can be done when drying your hair and it needs to be looked after throughout.
Rod Anker is Celebrity Hairstylist New Delhi
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