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March 2012
Take a Splash
Vidya Singh
Swimming is truly one of the most soothing and enjoyable sporting activities. This is a sport that can give you an amazing workout while keeping you virtually injury-free. This exercise uses all the muscle groups and the calorie burn is equally impressive.


Swimming could be added to your weekly routine to provide the cross training benefit to your regular exercise schedule. Here are four water sports you can’t miss …

Water Polo
This is a team water sport. It is also known as Water Ball. Seven players from each team (six field players and one goalkeeper) are allowed inside the pool. The team that scores the most goals wins!

Synchronized Swimming
This is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics and ballet. Here, a routine of elaborate moves are performed in the water, accompanied by music. This sport demands water skills along with endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and perfect timing and breath control when upside down in water.
  • Swimming requires the use of resistance against the water, thereby exercising all the muscle groups of the body. This enhances muscular, cardiovascular and
    respiratory fitness.
  • As the water supports your body weight and you are buoyant, it reduces the strain on your muscles and joints and prevents injuries.
  • This is an exercise that can be done by people of all ages, even the elderly.
Water Aerobics
This is an aerobic workout done in shallow water. It is a kind of resistance training where water supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle injury and increases the range of motion. A class can last for 45 min to an hour and you do not need to be a very good
swimmer to participate.

Water Gymnastics
In this, gymnastic movements are done in the water. It is a great aerobic workout and the water becomes a virtual gym. The benefits of weights, aerobics and stretching, all in one, with good calorie burn and fitness benefits come from exercises in water while mimicking sports movements like biking, weightlifting and kick-boxing.
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