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Aromatherapy: Making Scents of it All

B Positive Content Team

We follow the scent trail of a potpourri of garden flowers and therapeutic oil extracts that can help reduce stress and stop those age lines from showing up early. They’re bound to relax and soothe your system and work in magic on your body and skin

Lavender is one of the most helpful and widely used of the aromatherapy oils. It has been prized for centuries for its mild perfume, medicinal properties and violet hues. Among its many qualities lavender is used to calm irritable children, relieve insomnia, anxiety and depression. This oil is a perfect blend for creating the essence for complete well-being.

Using it
Neat Lavender oil without dilution can be used as:
  • An antiseptic to help heal cuts and grazes
  • For inflammation including that from burns, boils, acne, dermatitis and eczema
  • To soothe sunstrokes, insect and animal bites
  • For sun burn add a few drops of the oil to mineral water and spray it over the burnt area.
  • This can be used generally all over the body to keep the skin cool, hydrated and smelling good.
  • Perfect for the Indian summers
  • Please use lavender in small quantities if you have low blood sugar
Healing properties
The best way to pamper as well as heal you is to indulge in a long warm lavender bath. We know you’ll waste a lot of water but you’re allowed to do it once a week
Mix 5-10 drops of this fabulous oil in an emulsifier such as milk or a carrier oil, and add it to your warm bath. Make sure it’s not too hot though. Lie back, relax and luxuriate as this mild antiseptic calms and helps heal tiny cuts and scratches.
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