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September 2010
Take 5: Primitive Bone Doctor
ShruthiPendyala R
Walking into a poorly constructed, badly maintained, highly unhygienic shack; if I may call it that; I was left wondering what people saw in this method of healing. I, for one, thought I had walked into the wrong place.

Ayurvedic medication in my mind had to do with mixing a lot of herbs into paste or oils and applying them on areas where treatment is required and then let India’s medicinal mixes do their magic, but what I saw here was a whole different story.

What follows is my conversation with Dr Y Dillip Reddy. I must add that getting an interview with him was no easy task as his practice is swarming with customers whenever you go, the distance from the city doesn’t seem to be playing an impact in reducing the crowd. He sat there on his tiny stool, treating patients and answering my curious questions with as much patience and concentration, as he gave his patients.

What is your practice all about?
People come to me with various kinds of fractures and sprains of legs, shoulder, foot, arms etc. I treat them with ayurvedic concoctions passed on from my father Y Sattireddy. I first see which bone the fracture has occurred on. I don’t touch spinal cord and hip bone, as spinal cord needs the help of modern medication and hip fractures when being fixed can make your legs appear longer or shorter if not treated with care. After analysing the fracture I mix an ayurvedic medication into oil and massage the affected area with it, I then move the bone into place and wrap the area with a layer of cotton and a final wrap of gauze. Treatment usually consists of two or three sittings, depending on the condition and the speed of recovery.

“We do get many doctors coming to us for treatment from various hospitals in the city”

How did you get into this line of business?
My Father Y Sattireddy was the founder of my business;Capel Bones. At first my father used to treat animals at YadirguttaMandal. After intense research, he extended his practice to humans, and moved closer to the city. The internal medication we used for animals remains the same evefor humans, but the external medication has been changed.

The shift from animal to human cure must have been a major change for your father, how did he manage it without being questioned by medical authorities?
My father is an extremely knowledgeable person and he knew what he was doing. The shift in line of business happened over a period of time, after careful planning and researching. By then my father had already had nearly 25 years of experience and had gained a lot of trust amongst people. They knew he was good at his work and trusted him with their problems. Soon the patients increased and the practice became successful. By god’s grace, none of our patients have ever complained.

Do doctors practising modern medication come to you for treatment?
We do get many doctors coming to us for treatment from various hospitals in the city, Gandhi Hospital,Nims etc. At first they were sceptical about the treatment, but once they gave it a try, they left happy and some even returned with friends or family.

Ayurvedavs. modern medication; what makes your form of treatment more amicable?

Ayurveda is a natural cure with simple procedures and priced low. People nowadays are more aware of the benefits of natural products and ill effects of using many strong medications so ayurveda is the preferred way. Aurveda has picked up, not only in India, but in other countries too.

As I leave the clinic with clear thoughts, I understand the practice as I see the belief - almost divine - in the eyes of his patients. A parting thought: I wish the hygiene could be improved…

B Positive believes in avoiding complicated treatments where nature can intervene, and in this light, we wish you all the luck!
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