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November 2009
Yoga for Osteoarthiritis
Dr Jyothsna & Dr Sreedhar Pulipati
The number of osteoarthritis cases are rising, possibly a result of our sedentary life habits. The symptoms set in gradually. Pain, which at the start is only as intermittent, increases as you use the joint (and reduces on resting).

This is followed by excruciating pain and muscular spasm which grossly restricts the movement of that joint. Yogic postures when repeated regularly, may strengthen the muscles around the cartilage, providing the much needed

support to the damaged joints. It also relieves the pain and inflammation of the joint without straining it. The following simple yoga practices are recommended for people suffering with osteoarthritis – but only under expert advice and supervision.

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Knee Rotation
Sit with the feet a bit apart. Lift the right thigh to a 90 degree angle. Supporting the thigh from down, rotate the leg around the knee joint clockwise 10 times and anti clockwise, another 10 times. Repeat with left leg.

Knee bending (lying on the abdomen)
Lie on the abdomen with the head resting on the back of the palms. Fold both legs together at the knees. Try and make the heels touch the buttocks as you exhale. Stretch out as you inhale. Repeat 30-40 times.
Dr Jyothsna and Dr Sreedhar Pulipati are Consultant Naturopathy and Yoga Physicians at Sree Amrutha Nature Cure and Yoga clinic, Secunderabad
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