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Yoga: The Call of Stretch
T Nandakumar
The scenario today

Another day begins: it seems as though the previous day never really ended - work carried over home from office, late to bed, sleep disturbed by weird dreams…

Hurried toilet, something gulped as breakfast, professional attire thrown on in tear-away rush, hasty g’byes waved over the shoulder. Neck bent unnaturally to hold the mobile in place even as the hands try to steer the vehicle in the madness of peak hour traffic - will today be any different?

The world’s computer smarter, rendered computer smaller,
But the human body’s gotten bulgier, all out of hand,
When posture’s all torture,
When pressure o’ work builds intolerably,
sWhen deadlines become deadly –
Tis surely time to pause at the very brink..?

Where is technology taking us, really?  How is it that, amidst growing material gains and improved standards of living, we are at the receiving end of tension every moment of every single working day? Is there no hope, no way out?

Yoga: a hymn to total health
Wake up, folks, to the call of stretch
Every day, the yoga way,
 When stretch becomes a daily fact,
Stress is shown the exit door,
To become again what it truly is –
Just another word in the dictionary.
Wake up, folks, it’s stretch time!

As thousands know the world over, there is a silent revolution under way, the Yoga Stretch Revolution. Many a decision-making individual, from mother to Managing Director, is discovering a pleasant surprise: that a little stretch, even a very small dose, instead of that extra cup of coffee or that extra cigarette, goes a long way in replenishing depleted energy levels, in rekindling the joie de vivre.



Sarvangasana (The Shoulder Stand)

  • Impacts the thyroids favourably
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Regular practice helps overcome headaches, even migraines
  • Helps build resistance in the lungs to climate 

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge 1)

  • Helps pacify energy flow
  • Results in better sleep pattern


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