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YOGA for Total Detox
T Nandakumar
The body is a wonderful machine. The concerted, harmonious effort of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and excretory sub systems inside is necessary on a daily basis for health to be a constant reality.

Of the lot, the digestive - eliminatory links are by far the most vulnerable, especially given today’s world of fast-paced lifestyles, where many if not most people have perforce to travel a great deal, involving different time zones. Now, it is quite obvious that time zones impact the bio- rhythm adversely, throwing it out of kilter. Add to that the shift system of work which followed, the picture of misery as regards the inner world is complete.

Physical Detox
The Yoga repertoire has a direct bearing, not only on the muscles, but on the inner organs as well. By directing copious blood supply to different parts of the body depending on the asana done, yoga has a ‘stretch and squeeze’ effect, notably on the liver, spleen, pancreas and the kidneys. Unique poses like the inversions facilitate easy, effective elimination, due to the change in bodily gravity, which in turn, influences the abdominal organs. What is more, in Viparita Karanai, one of the variations of the shoulder stand, cholesterol plaques are flushed out from arterial walls. This effectively counters any tendency towards blocks! And among forward bends, Janu Sirshasana has a direct impact on the kidneys. Finally, Supta Virasana removes any bloated feeling in the abdomen after a heavy meal. This pose, if done every night just before sleep, causes easy evacuation first thing in the morning.
Mind Detox
What makes yoga so appealing is its holistic approach to health. To their everlasting credit, the ancient masters made an amazing discovery - that there is a direct connection between the breath and the mind. In general, the slower, deeper and gentler the flow of breath, then the quieter, steadier, and sharper, the state of mind. Pranayama or the ‘science of breath’ paves the path for nobler pursuits like meditation, no doubt, but en route, it cleanses the mind. Accumulated tension simply vanishes like ‘dew drops in the face of the sun’s rays’ and the result is a detoxed mind, full of quiet energy. Thirty minutes of pranayama in the morning makes for a great day in the office!
Benefits Of Yoga
  • Mind Body Detox
  • Better Energy Levels
  • Improved Output at Work
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Elimination
T Nandakumar is a yoga exponent based in Chennai.
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